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Do We Become More Sensitive to Alcohol as We Age?

If you’re concerned about your use of alcohol and need help determining whether or not you need help with your problem, it’s best to talk with a professional at Legacy Freedom. Alcohol abuse isn’t something that develops overnight and goes away within a few weeks. Alcohol abuse is a life altering problem that can turn…
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More Tips For Overcoming Your Fears

In our last post, we started talking about overcoming your fears. We touched on accepting and embracing change, as well as why you should work on analyzing risks. Check it out before you move forward. Today we are going to continue with even more helpful tips. Want to take a closer look? Keep reading! Are you…
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Most Commonly Abused, Highly Addictive Drugs

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about the most commonly used and highly addictive drugs used today. Most of these drugs are often prescribed by doctors. However, they're also sold on the street. Those addicted might have been prescribed the drugs at first for pain or other issues, but ultimately ended up having…
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Learning How to Concentrate After Addiction

The time period after getting sober comes with many challenges. The road to sobriety is a long and tough one to travel. In our last post on gaining back your concentration, we talked about many different things. This included how drug and alcohol abuse affects your brain, the term fuzzy brain, or brain fog, and even…
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