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How to Make 2018 the Year for Self Care, Continued

Do you spend as much time with your family as you would like to? If not, try working more time into your schedule. Cook your parents dinner once a month or take them out. Drop by your grandparents' house once a week just to say hello, if possible. If you rarely see your siblings, try…
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How to Make 2018 the Year for Self Care

Have you ever thought about whether or not you're taking care of yourself? It's possible you never give it a thought. If that's the case, 2018 should be your year to include self-care into your daily life. It's an important part of addiction recovery and promoting great mental health. Searching for a reliable counselor in…
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Most Common Mental Illnesses College Kids Face, Part Two

Mental health disorders in college students are not uncommon, unfortunately. According to mental health research conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 40 percent do not seek help. Fifty percent have become so anxious that they struggled in school. Eighty percent feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. One in four students has a diagnosable…
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Most Common Mental Illnesses College Kids Face

Unfortunately, college students tend to suffer from mental health disorders more than anyone realizes. Whether it's because of transitioning from high school to college, trying to keep up good grades while having fun and being independent or other problems, it's hard to deal with depression, anxiety, and other illness. Even more, when they don't realize…
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