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Mental Health Disorders That Have Genetic Links, continued

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about genetic links in mental health disorders. There are several conditions that can be passed down through the generations. In our last post, we began listing those with a brief description of each. Today, we continue. If you missed our previous blog, be sure to visit back…
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Mental Health Disorders That Have Genetic Links

Have you been thinking about your genetic makeup lately? Do you often assume that your mental disorder has been passed down from generation to generation? If so, your thoughts may be on the right track. There are several mental health disorders that are genetically linked. There have been many tests done to show that this…
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Does Living Alone Affect Mental Illness?

As a young adult, the thought of living alone sounds exciting, liberating, and grown-up. Especially just after high school or during college, many people prefer to live alone. It's a great way to focus on school or work and can help with the transition from teenager to adulthood. However, sometimes, living alone can be difficult…
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Celebrities with Mental Illness continued

Paula Deen is someone who you think of as bubbly, funny, and always happy. However, after her father passed away many years ago, she began dealing with anxiety and severe panic attacks. After working with a professional, close to 20 years later, she was able to overcome her panic attacks. At times she still deals…
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