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More on Mental Health and Physical Disabilities

As we continue to look at the impact of physical disabilities on mental health, we turn our attention to the effects of a congenital disability vs. acquired disability. In our previous post, we examined the link between physical disability and loneliness and depression. We also discussed the relationship between the person's disability and their inability…
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Checking in on Your Mental Health

If the summer's hectic pace and the loosely defined schedule have left you feeling off, now is the perfect time to take stock of what is bothering you. For those who struggle with anxiety, summer can make you feel out of control and overwhelmed. If that is the case, finding a way to soothe yourself…
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Athletes and Mental Health

News broke recently that Tom Boyd, an Austrailian Football League star, spent time away from the team last year to seek help for his mental health issue. The 22 year old soccer star and the team spokesman said that at one point he was barely sleeping and was suffering panic attacks. Tom is now speaking…
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The Link Between Social Anxiety and Rejection

By nature, human beings are social creatures. Even those who struggle with social anxiety crave interaction with other people despite the stress that it causes them. The desire for socialization is what makes the sting of rejection when you have anxiety so much more difficult. Asking for that first date or finding out that your…
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