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Sneaky Depression Symptoms

Did you know that depression doesn't always manifest as debilitating sadness? Many people are struggling with a form of depression but don't know it is depression. The reason, depression can manifest with physical as well as emotional signs. This makes it difficult for people to see that they are having trouble and can make diagnosing…
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How Is Period Poverty Impacting Women’s Mental Health?

A recent study of 1,000 women found that half of them had suffered from period poverty. The lack of access to feminine hygiene products during their monthly menstruation cycle can have a far-reaching impact on young women's lives. While the studies into this phenomenon are relatively limited, the results of the initial studies show that…
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Mental Health Concerns for Your College Freshman

As many young adults prepare to head off to college this year, there is more for parents to worry about than their grades or whether they will be able to do their own laundry. Recent studies across college campuses nationwide have revealed that the mental health of the incoming freshman class is rapidly declining. In…
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Can Re-purposing Vacant Lots Improve Mental Health?

It comes as no surprise to many that spending time outdoors and enjoying green spaces in urban areas can help improve your mental health. A recent study published in the JAMA Network Open highlights the correlation between the mental health of city residents in Philadelphia and the restoration efforts underway in that city. A city-wide…
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