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Relationships and Mental Health

All throughout life we have a variety of different kinds of relationships. Many of them are with family members. Others maybe friendship, marriage, dating, and more. Unfortunately, not all connections with the individuals in our lives are healthy. When they are good, long-standing relationships that are nothing but positive, your mental health can benefit from…
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More Napping Benefits for Mental Health

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about how naps can help you boost your mental health and overall well-being. Yes, that's right! You may not believe it but taking a 20-40 minute nap can help you refocus and increase energy. Here are a few more benefits, as well. Often, when your mental health…
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Mental Health Benefits of Taking a Nap

Though it may come as a surprise, there are real health benefits that come with taking a nap. Yes, that’s right. Taking a short snooze each day can offer a ton of benefits that are great for your overall well-being and mental health. You probably start losing energy in the early afternoon. Especially after lunch,…
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How Police Shootings Impact Mental Health

Police shootings have always been controversial. These days they seem to be in the news more than ever. Specifically, police shootings involving unarmed African-Americans have been the focus of many reports recently. For Asheville depression treatment you can depend on, call Legacy Freedom. Statistics show that police shootings involving African-Americans are five times likelier than…
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