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Mixing Weed and Coffee

In our previous post, we highlighted the dangers of mixing alcohol with marijuana. While some users combine the two and enjoy an intensified high, others find that the combination produces less than pleasurable results. With the growing number of states legalizing marijuana and stricter laws on where and how you can use it, many companies…
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Is Your Anger the Result of a Sugar Addiction?

Heroin, crack cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamines, and prescription pills are all commonly listed when people talk about substances that you can be addicted to. However, most people forget to name one of the most addictive substances of all: sugar. With numerous dangerous health implications for those who are addicted to it, sugar can pose a…
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Recent Drug Bust News for Eastern NC

It’s no secret that eastern North Carolina has become a hub for drug trafficking activity. Throughout the area, there have been multiple arrests for drug trafficking and other crimes. The lifestyle associated with dealing drugs can be difficult to escape from. For some, the addiction to the partying lifestyle and the adrenaline rush that comes…
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Breaking Your Carb and Sugar Addiction Before the Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing many people are tempted to eat foods and treats that are not part of their regular diet. Craving carbohydrates is normal. However, when they are processed carbs and sugars, stronger cravings are triggered in your body. Your brain, muscles, and organs use carbohydrates and sugar for fuel, but…
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