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How Long Cocaine Stays in Your System

Did you know that your liver is where the majority of the metabolization of cocaine takes place? The enzymes in your liver help break down the cocaine into smaller compounds that are more easily transported and secreted from your body. One of the primary ways that cocaine leaves your system is through urination. Benzoylecgonine is…
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Why You Can’t Stop Using Drugs

If you're like most addicts, you have a million reasons why you can't or won't stop using drugs. Whether you believe that your drug or alcohol use isn't that bad or you think that you don't have time to go to treatment due to work and family responsibilities, the reality is that even though you…
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What You Should Know About Smoking Heroin

Did you know that emergency room visits related to the use of heroin have increased 65% over the last five years? With more and more communities across the United States battling increasing heroin use and skyrocketing overdose rates, understanding what the drug is and why it is so addictive can help you identify signs of…
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What Parents Should Know About Teen Skittles Parties

The latest danger facing teenagers is one that their parents may not know about. Smoking marijuana and underage drinking have been replaced with "skittles parties." Teens steal pills from their parents' medicine cabinet and put them into a pile. Each person then takes a few, not knowing what they are taking. Not only is it…
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