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The Beans on Caffeine Addiction

Most of us love a good cup of coffee or two (or four) in the morning to get us going. You probably often also have a cup or two in the afternoon to give you that push to make it through the rest of your day. It's possible that in between your cups of coffee,…
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Teens and Diet Pill Abuse

As many of us well know, being a teenager can be one of the most difficult times in your life. Because of peer pressure, teens have a really tough time with self-esteem, finding themselves, and being true to who they are as well as struggles with substance abuse. If your teenage son or daughter needs…
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Are Gateway Drugs Real?

Have you ever given much thought to why you or someone you know is struggling so hard with substance abuse? Did an addiction to opioid drugs start after abusing prescription painkillers or smoking marijuana? If your son or daughter needs drug treatment in Greensboro NC, Legacy can help. Call today! Gateway drugs are often thought…
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More Tips for Having an Awesome Sober Halloween

Are you looking for things to do this Halloween that do not involve substance abuse? If so, don't worry. There are many different things you can do that don't involve drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, holidays get a bad reputation. Many people assume that drugs or alcohol will be involved. However, there are things available for…
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