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Why Long Term Suboxone Use Is Dangerous

When it comes to opioid addiction the recovery process is very difficult. The truth of the matter is that opioid addicts have a very high relapse rate. In the medical field professionals often find it hard to treat an opioid addict. The withdrawal symptoms can be really painful. If these withdrawal symptoms are not treated…
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How to Avoid a Summertime Relapse

Continuing along in a treatment plan for addiction is a lifelong journey. Finding the right program is the best first step. Recognizing that it is neither simple nor easy is the second. For many people, this is one of the best times of the year. The weather is warm, sunny, and great for all sorts…
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How Long Heroin Stays In Your System

For many different reasons a common question asked is how long does heroin remain in your system once used? There are many different things that can help us answer this question. This blog post will look at what those factors are and what the time frame for heroin’s effects will be. If you need heroin…
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What Is Polydrug Abuse?

When it comes to dealing with drug abuse or drug addiction problems you may or may not be accustomed to hearing the various terms that apply to the abuse. One of these terms or slang is polydrug abuse. It may also be referred to as polydrug substance use disorder or dependence. This post will look…
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