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What is Substance Abuse Treatment?

Not sure what your options are when you are faced with addiction and the possibility¬†of recovery? You might not be familiar with substance abuse treatment from an outpatient facility, but we are here to help you learn more. Here, you'll find information on what outpatient substance abuse treatment is and more! What is Substance Abuse…
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The Link Between Anxiety and Substance Abuse

Anxiety is a crippling mental health disorder that many people suffer from. Even those that seem fine may have silent symptoms of anxiety every day. Unfortunately, there's a big link between substance abuse and anxiety. Anxiety and Substance Abuse | Drug Rehab Charlotte NC According to, "About 20 percent of Americans with an anxiety…
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Are You Addicted to Benzodiazepines?

Benzodiazepines are drugs used to treat anxiety and depression. Most often, they're used for anxiety. If you feel like you may be addicted to these drugs, consider the following list of withdrawal symptoms. They might be able to help you determine if you need help from our substance abuse treatment centers in Charlotte NC. Benzodiazepine…
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How the White House is Working to Fight the Opioid Crisis

Many people in the U.S. are battling an addiction to these dangerous drugs. Unfortunately, more than 40 people die each day from a prescription opioid overdose. The opioid crisis that has hit our country is out of control. White House Approach to Opioid Crisis | Drug Rehab Charlotte NC Thankfully, President Trump has been working…
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