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What Happens When You Drink and Smoke Weed at the Same Time

Mixing alcohol and marijuana is common among those who are involved in the partying lifestyle. However, just because it is a common occurrence doesn't mean that it's a safe choice. Choosing to indulge inĀ  both pot and alcohol at the same time often causes the user to feel more intoxicated. This high is favored by…
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Coping with Thanksgiving Without Drinking

The holidays have arrived. Between the stress of travel and family tensions you may be feeling more than ready for an escape. When you are working on staying sober for the holidays, coping with these stresses may be difficult and challenge your willingness to stay sober. Having a plan for the holiday festivities can help…
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Drinking This Thanksgiving? Avoid These Medications!

An astonishing 42% of Americans admitted to drinking alcohol and taking prescription medications that can negatively interact with alcohol in a recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health. As the holiday season approaches, many people will unthinkingly mix a drug that doesn't mix well with alcohol with a glass of wine or a…
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How to Have a Sober Halloween in Wilmington NC

It's that time of year again, jack o' lanterns line the porches, costumes fill the aisles at the store, and spooky decorations begin to appear. Halloween is a night filled with festive parties and fun. As the holiday approaches costume party and bonfire plans are in full swing. Just because you are working on your…
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