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How to Avoid a Holiday Relapse

Sometimes, avoiding a holiday relapse can be quite challenging. Even the most seasoned recovering addict has trouble with triggers this time of year. Whether it's finances, having to spend time with family, or the overall stress that the hustle and bustle of this season brings, many things can cause thoughts of relapse. For the best…
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Hosting a Sober Guest for the Holidays

Do you have a friend or family member that struggles with alcohol abuse? If so, the holidays might be difficult when you are the host of an event. Not knowing what to do can cause a great deal of stress. Because alcohol is typically present during holiday gatherings, it's something that you may be extra…
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How to Host a Sober Holiday Party!

With the holidays in full swing, parties fill the calendar. Do you host a holiday party in your home? If so, have you considered having a sober party? It might sound challenging, but for those who are in addiction recovery parties can trigger a relapse. The thought of hosting a sober party sounds too difficult…
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What Really Happens to Your Brain When You’re Drunk?

Many people think drinking to the point of being drunk is a great way to relax, forget about their troubles, or to just have a good time. They think alcohol is being used in a way that seems harmless. However, intoxication is dangerous. It can also do damage to various parts of your body. Searching…
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