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Can Lack of Sleep Trigger Addiction?

Not being able to sleep at night is one of the worst problems to deal with. Even if one or two sleepless nights a week are your problem, you may find that you're extremely tired by the end of the day, have trouble getting motivated in the mornings, or aren't able to shake an overall…
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Identifying Substance Abuse

Do you have a drug or alcohol problem? Is someone you know suffering from addiction? Sometimes, you might not even recognize the symptoms and signs of abuse until it's too late. Here, you’ll find a list of addiction symptoms and signs that come with continued substance abuse. Whether you’re using drugs or alcohol, the symptoms…
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Fun 2018 Columbus Ohio Summer Activities

Summer is here and in full swing. That means time for having loads of fun with family and friends over the next couple of months. In this post we will list all kinds of fun-filled summer activities for you to do. We hope you will find this information both helpful and useful. We will begin with…
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Myths of Getting Sober

If you’ve been dealing with substance abuse and alcohol has overtaken your life, you may have been thinking about getting sober. While this is a great choice, it’s often difficult to do it alone. Those who have a severe alcohol abuse problem will probably need rehab to help them overcome their addiction. However, there are…
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