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Fun August Asheville Events

Asheville, NC is an amazing place to find great things to do this summer. If you’re looking for a few sober events and activities, be sure to check out the following happening all this month! Things to Do August 6th – 12th Black Mountain Hey Hey Cupcake Sourwood Festival - Friday through Sunday, August 10-12…
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Your Recovery and Sobriety Playlist

Music is often therapeutic for those who suffer from various medical conditions. It's also great for those with mental illness and substance abuse issues. Many people find strength in the melodious sounds and energetic lyrics. It can help you cope, find motivation and inspiration, and get you through the day without feeling like all hope…
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More Natural Ways to Beat Substance Abuse and Addiction

Welcome back! If you missed our previous blog post, you’re jumping in on a great quest to find recovery through natural remedies. Believe it or not, you can fight addiction without using medication to help you with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We are here to offer a few of the best ways to recover naturally.…
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More Awesome Sober Summertime Activities

Welcome back. We are here to talk more with you about how to have an awesome summer without involving alcohol. We know how tough it can be to get away from drinking in the summertime. However, it's possible to do so. Especially with these activities! Missed our previous blog? Check back here for more ideas.…
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