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Is There a Link between Bullying and Substance Abuse in Teens?

Bullying has always been around, from children in the sandbox picking on the one that looks different to older kids beating up the smaller one. These days it has become much more prevalent and widespread, partially because bullying isn’t limited to face-to-face interaction. Cyberbullying is something we are now dealing with at our facilities for…
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Drug Names and Phrases

Worried your loved one is using drugs? Do they need a Charlotte drug and alcohol treatment center to help them battle addiction and get back on track? Below, you’ll find common drugs and their street names. You’ll also find phrases used by those that are addicted to and use drugs regularly. This can help you…
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Dealing with Unsupportive Friends and Family

Having a supportive group of family and friends on your side is amazing. They’re always there for you, cheering you on, helping you through a bad day, fighting your addiction with you. They do everything they can to make sure you know you’re loved. It’s their goal to ensure you have someone to fall back…
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Finding Your Sense of Adventure

While in recovery, fighting off boredom can be trouble for some people. Even if you've got a pretty well rounded regiment, there will times when you find yourself with either nothing to do or stuck in a rut. Getting your sense of adventure back can really help. Over the course of the next two posts,…
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