The Mental Health Impact of Severing Ties with Your Parents

The decision to cut ties with someone in your life is a difficult one. That decision is made even more difficult if the person that you want to cut ties with is your parent. However, if the relationship is unhealthy or filled with abuse, cutting ties with your parent may be your best option. Still,…
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Tips to Heal After Severing Ties with Your Parents

After you have made the decision to cut a parent out of your life you are left with many feelings that need to be resolved. Most often, those who cut ties with their parents do so as a last resort after enduring years of abuse or neglect. In our previous post, we addressed cutting ties…
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The Link Between Social Anxiety and Rejection

By nature, human beings are social creatures. Even those who struggle with social anxiety crave interaction with other people despite the stress that it causes them. The desire for socialization is what makes the sting of rejection when you have anxiety so much more difficult. Asking for that first date or finding out that your…
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More on Social Anxiety and Rejection

Welcome back to our continuing series on social anxiety and rejection. In our previous post, we examined the effects of rejection on someone who struggles with social anxiety disorder. At Legacy Freedom, we know how hard it is to live with social anxiety and how limiting it can be. Craving social interaction while finding it…
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