Being an Anxious Empath

Empaths are by nature caring, understanding, and good at listening to other people. While they are focused on the feelings of others and preoccupied with the idea of fixing the world's problems, empaths are often saddled with the burden of their own emotions and those of the people around them. As a result, empaths are often anxious. The ability to share and understand the feelings of another person, and often literally feel and attempt to carry these emotions on their shoulders, can result in severe anxiety.

Studies have shown that depression, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety are common among empaths. In fact, empaths are more susceptible to these conditions than other personalities. These hypersensitive people are also more likely to become ill, experience burnout in the workplace, struggle with stress, and suffer physical pain more often than other people. Empaths are extremely in tune with other people's emotions and learning how to prevent compassion fatigue is crucial for these sensitive and emotional souls.

If you are an anxious empath, managing your feelings and preventing compassion fatigue is crucial.

Here are some ways you can manage your stress and anxiety:

Find an OutletĀ 

As an empath, you often push your feelings aside so that you can focus on helping others. Make it a point to find an activity or a routine that you enjoy so that you can express yourself and restore your energy. Finding a way for your emotions to be conveyed is essential for your well-being.

Manage Your Anxiety

Your anxiety can trick you into thinking you need to fix the entire world. Your empathy can feel like a burden if your anxiety is not managed appropriately. Empaths often feel overwhelmed when they watch the news or when they find themselves in new situations. Managing your anxiety can help your empathy feel less like a burden and help improve chronic conditions like digestive disorders and fatigue.

Know and Set Limits

People are naturally drawn to empaths. Know the limits of your abilities and set boundaries for yourself and others. Keeping the amount of time and energy you dedicate to others to a reasonable amount still allows you time for your own emotional needs and self-care routines.

Acknowledge New Feelings

As people come into your life, notice how they make you feel. You can manage the feelings that manifest in your body more effectively if you know how that person will make you feel. Empaths will experience a multitude of emotions around other individuals.

The caring and compassionate staff at Legacy Freedom wants to help you learn to manage your anxiety. Being an empathetic soul is a gift, but chronic anxiety can wear out even the strongest person. We have helped thousands of clients manage anxiety, stress, and depression through a holistic approach to mental health care. Learn how we can help you cope by calling or clicking to connect with our care team today.

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