How to Beat the Winter Blues

counselor in Charlotte, NCFor many, the long, bleak days of winter create a feeling of depression or overall apathy. With the holidays in the past and spring still months away, seasonal depression creeps in for many. Overcoming these winter blues can be tough, especially if you live in a region where getting out and about because of the weather can be a challenge. Need a responsible counselor in Charlotte, NC for 2018? Call Legacy now for trusted help.

Thankfully, beating the winter blues may not involve you going too far from home if the weather is bad or the roads are unsafe. Here are some ways to pass the time this winter while boosting your mood.

Random Acts of Kindness: Whether it is sending an unexpected package of cookies or a new book from Amazon, giving to someone else makes you feel good.

Learn a New Indoor Hobby: If you've always wanted to learn to crochet, build models, paint, or learn a new hobby, winter is a great time to do it. This will this give you a chance to cross something off your bucket list and it will also keep your hands and mind busy on those long, cold evenings.

Laugh More: Stop binge watching documentaries and dramas on Netflix and opt for some feel-good flicks instead. Streaming services are full of slapstick comedies, comedy specials, musicals, and comedic television series. Pop some popcorn and get your giggle on. Invite friends over and make it a grownup slumber party!

Take Advantage of Awards Season: Hosting a Golden Globe or Academy Awards party is a fun way to break up the monotony of winter. Decorate your home with a red carpet, make some fancy finger foods, and have your friends fill out their ballots with the winners.

Plan a Trip: Feeling the urge to get tropical? Go for it! Planning a trip in the winter is the perfect way to take advantage of airfare sales and booking ahead of the rush. Can't decide on your destination? Let the prices tell you where to go! Remember to get your passport early. Later in the winter the wait times increase as the spring break crowd begins to submit their applications.

Grab Some Sun: Get outside on beautiful days and soak up the sunshine. If you live in a place where winter is more gray than sunny, consider investing in a natural light box to help boost your mood. Too cold to get out even when the sun is shining? Open up the blinds and curtains and take advantage of the light and the heat filling your home.

Don't Skip Your Vitamin D: Spending less time outside in the sun results in a drop in vitamin D. Low levels of this critical vitamin have been linked to instances of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Adding a supplement under the direction of your doctor or increasing the amount of vitamin D in your diet can help combat this decrease.

Still feeling blue or blah despite trying something new? Let the professional staff at Legacy Freedom of Charlotte help you overcome your winter blues. We have helped thousands of clients with their seasonal affective disorder or depression. We know that asking for help and talking about the way you are feeling can be difficult, but our professional and compassionate staff is here and ready to help.

Call or click today to connect with our trusted counselor in Charlotte, NC and take back control of your life today!

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