Can You Beat Your Anxiety with Exercise?

Mental Health Services in Charlotte For those who struggle with anxiety on a regular basis, finding activities that help you soothe yourself can be difficult. For many people with anxiety, daily living routines can provide comfort. Research by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) has revealed that adding physical exercise to your daily routines can help with managing anxiety on a daily basis. When stress has depleted your energy, you’re feeling overwhelmed, or you are unable to concentrate, going for a run, walking, or biking can help restore your feeling of control. All mental health services in Charlotte, NC are not the same. That's why you should call Legacy Freedom for help!

It’s no secret that exercise is good for your health. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help enhance cognitive function, reduce fatigue, and improve alertness and concentration. In fact, these same studies have shown that for people with anxiety a ten minute walk may be as effective as a 45 minute workout at improving mood. The effects of exercise may be temporary, but some researchers have seen evidence that suggests that regular exercise is as effective as medication for some people. A regular schedule of exercise may reduce the symptoms of anxiety over time.

Not everyone responds to exercise therapy for their anxiety. However, the benefit of regular exercise on these person's physical health is not in dispute. It is important to note that some studies have seen a strong correlation between a lack of physical activity and the development of anxiety disorders in some study participants. Unused energy can create tension in the body. As a result, your body builds this physical tension until it manifests as mental tension. Anxiety also interferes with your immune system. A lack of activity due to anxiety fails to help regulate your immune system. Regular exercise depletes the stress hormone cortisol and lessens the impact your body’s natural flight or fight response has on your anxiety.

Holistic Mental Health Services in Charlotte

No matter what the cause of your anxiety is, or whether it responds to exercise or not, Legacy Charlotte understands the need for alternative treatment methods. By combining these methods with traditional talk therapy we can help you learn to overcome your anxiety through the use of positive coping methods. Thousands of clients have already discovered new ways to cope with the use of EMDR therapy, tai chi, aromatherapy, and inner child work.

Stop letting your anxiety control your life. Getting started with quality mental health care from Legacy Freedom is as easy as calling or clicking to connect with our care team today. The compassionate and confidential mental health care you’ve been waiting for is within reach! Don’t wait until your anxiety is out of control. Begin your healing journey with holistic mental health services in Charlotte!

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