To Beat Your Addiction, You’ll Need More Than Just Willpower

drug treatment in RaleighOvercoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs is one of the most challenging things to do. For those who consider themselves strong-willed, overcoming addiction may seem like something they can will themselves to do. The fact is that in order to beat addiction, you need more than just determination. While you may be able to will yourself to reach academic, personal, and professional goals, surmounting your addiction will require more than just willpower. If you're looking for affordable outpatient drug treatment in Raleigh, please call Legacy today.

Many people believe that a lack of willpower feeds an addiction. However, research has shown that it is not a weakness or a lack of willpower that causes addiction issues. Underlying causes like untreated mental health conditions, trauma, chronic illness, and genetic predisposition can contribute to your addiction. Most addicts do not start using with the intent to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many experimented with the substance to relax, become energized, or to have a new experience. As soon as the person begins to use the drug more frequently a tolerance is developed, and an addiction is born. For more powerful drugs like methamphetamine or heroin, the path to addiction is quick, and many addicts don't realize how involved their addiction is until they begin to seek treatment. The highly addictive nature of some drugs makes the risk of overdose or death far greater.

Even with a strong desire to get clean and live a sober life, sheer willpower isn't enough. If your addiction is the result of using to cope with an untreated mental illness, chronic pain, or to overcome trauma then breaking the cycle of using to deal will be much more difficult without a replacement for the drugs or alcohol. At Legacy Freedom, we know that self-medicating with alcohol or drugs was never supposed to turn into a full blown addiction. You thought you were coping by using a little here and a little there to get by. As a result, your need for more to satisfy your cravings and manage the symptoms caused by the alcohol or drugs increased. Without addressing the underlying issue, you are more likely to relapse and begin using again to treat the ongoing problem. For quality alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC, Legacy can help. Reach out today.

Instead of avoiding these underlying issues and only focusing on getting sober, Legacy Freedom helps our clients identify and understand why they use and how they can replace the unhealthy behaviors that feed their addiction with healthy and positive coping mechanisms. Our holistic approach to addiction recovery combines traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods. Your therapist will help you uncover the root of your addiction and learn new ways to deal with the negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences that make you want to drink or use drugs. With more than ten alternative treatment methods available, your care team can create a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs, interests, and sobriety goals.

The Best Drug Treatment in Raleigh

Merely willing yourself to leave your drug of choice alone doesn't address the physical dependency that your body has on that drug. Addicts often find themselves in poor health because of poor dietary choices, excessive drug or alcohol use, and injuries sustained while drunk or high. Through diet and routine exercise, many addicts find that their health returns and that they are no longer willing to use drugs or alcohol to cope with chronic pain or other issues. Legacy Freedom offers clients access to a staff dietician and physical therapist during drug treatment in Raleigh. We believe that when you feel good, you make good choices. Healing your body is equally as critical to your long-term success and sobriety as identifying why you use. Helping our clients heal mind, body, and spirit makes our holistic approach to substance abuse treatment different from those centers and programs that rely on a 12 step program to help beat addiction. Thousands of former clients have experienced the Legacy Freedom difference for themselves and have restored their health and learned to live a sober and purpose-filled life.

When you combine a strong will or desire to achieve sobriety with the right tools and resources to detox and to address the underlying causes of your addiction, you have the recipe for success. Each client works closely with their Life-Purpose Coach to identify talents and aspirations that have been pushed aside by addiction. Together with your care team, you will create a course of treatment that will address your needs and your goals.

Don't let your addiction leave you feeling weak and alone. Take back control of your life with confidential and compassionate substance abuse treatment from Legacy Raleigh. Call today and see how easy it is to get started with our affordable outpatient drug treatment in Raleigh!


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