What Can Artificial Intelligence Teach Us About Mental Health?

More than 40 million people suffer from some type of mental health disorder in the United States. Unfortunately, one of the reasons that individuals continue to struggle with their anxiety, depression, and other conditions is because they are not aware of treatment options. In addition, the stigma of mental health leaves those suffering uncomfortable with reaching out for help. For the best depression therapy in Asheville, NC, Legacy Freedom is number one. Call today to learn why.

In the past couple of years, awareness about mental health disorders has become a priority. More than ever, people are talking about mental illness and how it can be treated. In fact, in the last couple of years, researchers have turned to artificial intelligence to help with mental illness.

Some researchers are using a depressed robot to help better understand the human brain. There are many reasons that depression becomes an issue for individuals. One of the biggest reasons is failure to adapt to adversity. Something serious or life-changing happens to them and they are unable to adjust quickly. With time, instead of adapting to their new way of life, they become depressed over their situation.

Like humans, artificial intelligence can become depressed when their components are not working properly. In addition, a hardware malfunction light also causes depression. It might also have to do with not being able to learn at a high speed. Scientists have learned that artificial intelligence wants flexibility in their algorithms in order to adapt to a higher rate of learning, deal with hardware malfunctions, and more.

This has led them to also believe that with better flexibility, those suffering from depression may be able to overcome it more easily. However, having a flexible state of mind is often more difficult than it seems.

In 2015, researchers used artificial intelligence to diagnose individuals who were developing psychosis. Psychosis is a factor of schizophrenia. The artificial intelligence used speech analysis to help with their diagnosis. Psychosis causes individuals to use short sentences or confusing words. They also repetitively say words like “that,” “this” or “a” in order to transition from one sentence to another.

Often, it can take a while for schizophrenia to be diagnosed. Sometimes, the diagnosis comes only after a psychotic break. However, when speech analysis is used over time, a diagnosis can be made before a psychotic break. Using artificial intelligence can make this possible.

To learn more about how AI could play a role in diagnosing mental health disorders in the future, visit back soon. Our next blog will have even more information.

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