What Can Artificial Intelligence Teach Us About Mental Health? continued

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about how AI is working towards helping mental health. Would you believe that robots and other technological advances in the artificial intelligence world might help us diagnose mental illness? Though it might be difficult to understand, it could be the way of the future. Want to speak with a qualified counselor in Asheville, NC about your mental health problems? Call Legacy Asheville now.

In our previous blog post, we talked about how a depressed robot has helped us learn more about depression. In addition, we also discussed how AI can help diagnose schizophrenia by analyzing speech. The speech analysis helps detect psychosis, one of the leading factors of schizophrenia. Today, we continue talking more about these amazing revelations.

In other recent news, researchers are working to turn smartphones into mental health diagnosis detectors. One artificial intelligence company, Mindstrong, is working towards making this a possibility. Because phones already use biometric data, it can be a reality that will be life-changing. The company would like to track a person’s physical interactions with a smartphone in order to get a better idea of their mental state.

Dr. Thomas Insel, president and co-founder of the company Mindstrong, as well as Former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, states that "What excites me about Mindstrong is the transformation of an individual’s patterns of typing or scrolling on a smartphone into precise measures of cognitive function.This new, powerful approach to assessment serves as the foundation for developing better interventions to improve mental health care. Mental disorders are global health problems. With smartphones, we have a potential global solution."

This would be a great addition to the mental health world. Imagine being able to have a phone that detects depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders that leave people unsure of their path. Sometimes, people know they're feeling a certain way, but they're not sure what is causing it. Depression has various symptoms that don't always allow the condition to completely reveal itself. One might suffer for months before realizing that depression is the culprit of their symptoms. If a phone could detect it sooner, therapy can begin immediately rather than waiting months.

Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come with technology? If any of these artificial intelligent devices become a way to help diagnose mental health in individuals who don’t realize they’re having problems, awareness will be brought to a new level. If you're interested in learning more, be sure to check back with our previous blog.

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