Is Anxiety Taking Over Your Life?

anxiety treatment in CharlotteIt’s no secret that living with anxiety is difficult. However, most people who live with anxiety will come to the point where they realize that their anxiety is no longer manageable. Whether you struggle to function in social situations or you have difficulty managing the demands of your daily life, knowing when your anxiety is in control of your life can be difficult. Here are some ways to tell that you are losing control and anxiety is taking over. Need alternative anxiety treatment in Charlotte? Let Legacy Freedom help you.

Small Things Set You Off

Living in a constant state of irritation can be a sign that your anxiety is out of control. Anger and anxiety both trigger your body’s fight or flight response. As a result, it can be easy to mistake one for the other. The racing heart and tense muscles you experience when you’re anxious are the same physical signs your body gives when you’re angry. The next time something little like a parking ticket or a last minute email from a colleague sets you off, take a moment to ask yourself if what set you off is actually making you angry or if it's your anxiety. If it is your anxiety, remind yourself that you don’t have to act on your anxious feelings just because you are feeling them. Accept your anxiety and focus on the parts of the situation you can control. By doing this you will increase your odds of staying calm.

You Follow a Rigid Daily Routine

While following a routine can help make your anxiety more manageable, finding it hard to break out of that routine and try new things can be a sign that your anxiety is more in control than you are. The limbic system, or the emotional part of your brain, floods the neocortex (the rational part of your brain) and makes thinking outside the box difficult when you are overloaded by stress. When you’re under pressure, those with high levels of anxiety default to their comfort zone. Start breaking your routine slowly by saying yes to an impromptu drink with a friend or lunch with a co-worker. Work your way up to spontaneous dinners or spur of the moment trips.

You’re Always Ready for the Worst

When your what if sessions start taking up your time and causing you more anxiety, there may be a problem. Planning ahead and advanced problem solving are great for keeping stress and drama at bay but should be done in moderation. You’ll never be able to think of all the possible outcomes of a scenario so trying to plan for them all can leave you feeling exhausted and even more anxious. When your thoughts turn to what ifs, acknowledge them and then turn your attention to something else. Responding to the anxious thought without fixating on it can help you control the situation.

Join us for part two for more examples of how anxiety can take over your life.

Holistic Anxiety Treatment in Charlotte, NC

At Legacy Charlotte, we understand that living with anxiety is difficult. We have helped thousands of clients learn to cope with their anxiety through our holistic approach to mental health care. By combining traditional and alternative treatment methods our staff can customize a treatment plan that is unique to your needs and goals. Get started with confidential and compassionate anxiety treatment in Charlotte from Legacy Freedom today!

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