Is Anxiety Taking Over Your Life? Part 2

anxiety treatment in Charlotte, NCWelcome back to our continuing series on how anxiety controls your life. Many people who live with anxiety on a daily basis are aware that their anxiety prevents them from doing certain things or being able to function in particular situations. However, many with anxiety fail to realize that their anxiety may progress to the point where they are no longer living with anxiety, they are living under the control of anxiety. In our previous post we highlighted a few behaviors that are common to people with out of control anxiety. These behaviors include adhering to a rigid daily routine, being upset by small incidents, and preparing for the worst case scenario in every situation. In this post, we will outline more behaviors that are caused by uncontrolled anxiety. These extreme behaviors include the following. If you need holistic anxiety treatment in Charlotte, NC, call Legacy.

Lack of Appetite

When your schedule is hectic or you are up against a tough deadline at work your appetite may be lacking. The stress hormone cortisol causes your appetite to diminish as your flight or fight response is triggered. As a result, your anxiety may be running on overdrive and you don’t even know it. Plummeting blood sugar or spikes in your blood sugar readings can make coping with your anxiety even more difficult. If your hunger triggers are not functioning properly it’s up to you to schedule meal times and eat what you can, even if you are not hungry. Consuming high protein snacks like nuts, string cheese, and beef jerky can help keep crashes and cravings at bay.

You Avoid Situations

One of the biggest tricks that anxiety plays on us is one of the hardest ones to identify. Avoiding situations or activities that make you feel anxious or upset is actually your anxiety manipulating you. Talking yourself out of going to events like a birthday party because you’re not in the mood or canceling a job interview because you’ve decided you’re not a good fit for the position is actually your anxiety working against you. Overcome this by defining what is important in your life and asking yourself if you are willing to endure some discomfort in order to be able to give yourself a chance to experience the life you want to lead.

You Have Difficulty Staying Asleep

Waking up at midnight doesn’t just zap your rest, it could be a sign that your anxiety is in control. Neurotransmitters and hormones can disturb your body’s sleep-wake cycle arousal system. Once this system is interrupted you may find yourself waking at an earlier hour than you intend. Instead of tossing and turning, get up and do something that soothes you. The goal is to distract your brain from your worries until you feel sleepy again.

For more information about how anxiety can consume you, visit back with our last post.

Outpatient Anxiety Treatment in Charlotte, NC

Thousands of clients have found ways to manage their anxiety through our holistic approach to mental health care at Legacy Charlotte. By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods, our care team can create a plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. Stop letting anxiety control your life and begin your healing process with dependable anxiety treatment in Charlotte, NC today.



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