Tips for Dealing with Anxiety at Concerts

Anxiety Therapists in Charlotte, NCFor people who love music, one of the best feelings on Earth is scoring tickets to see their favorite band live. However, knowing that you will be packed into a room with hundreds of other adoring fans can be extremely overwhelming. Before you put those tickets on StubHub and beg your friend to bring you back a t-shirt from the merch booth, you should know that your anxiety doesn't have to make you miss the show. If you are tired of searching for anxiety therapists in Charlotte, NC, call Legacy Freedom. Let us help you beat anxiety!

Not only can you hear your favorite songs live, but you can actually enjoy the experience as well. Concertgoers with anxiety have offered up their best tips for getting the most out of your live music adventure:

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Venue - Headed to a new amphitheater or venue for a show? Google it online to scope out where to park, where the entrance is, and, if possible, where your seat is. Being able to visualize these things ahead of time can help you go more confidently to the event and be less anxious about finding parking, getting to the venue or locating your seat.
  • Use the Buddy System - Take a friend with you to the show. Not only will it give you a chance to share a band you love with them but they can also help you feel more at ease as you maneuver through the large crowds.
  • Manage Your Triggers - If loud noises are a trigger for your anxiety, don't count on the venue to have earplugs available. Bring your own from home. If lighting changes or explosions cause you to panic, select seats further away from the stage. Most large arenas and amphitheaters have television screens where you can see the performers anyway. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a walk or head outside for a little fresh air.
  • Find Your Comfort Zone - Bought a general admission ticket but don't want to stand in the pit? Hang out at the back of the room or off to the side where there are fewer people. If you have documentation of your disorder, some venues will allow you to use their sectioned off ADA seating. Show up a little early and talk to the folks at the box office.
  • Be Present in the Moment - While it is easy to let your anxiety overshadow your excitement about the show, be sure to take a few moments and remember why you are there. The music and the way it makes you feel may give you the courage you need to get through the show without letting your anxiety win.
  • Skip the Beer Line - As tempting as it is to grab a cold one while the band warms up, alcohol can actually worsen your anxiety, especially if you take medication for your anxiety. Instead, opt to go to the bathroom, snag a new t-shirt, or snap a selfie.

Anxiety affects more than 40 million people in the United States according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Chances are while you are hanging off the side of the venue or putting in your earplugs, someone else in the arena is coping in the very same way. So go ahead, grab those sweet center seats you've been eyeballing, bring a buddy and get ready to rock!

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