Dealing With an Alcoholic or Addicted Girlfriend

Columbus Drug RehabFor many people part of socializing and friendships is getting together for a drink after work. In the dating world, drinking is often part of the date night. In day to day social involvement with other people alcohol can play a part in the overall engagement. What do you do when a girlfriend seems to be having an issue with drinking too much or you suspect a substance abuse problem of some kind? Figuring out how to approach a conversation with your friend or significant other is tricky. Need affordable outpatient Columbus drug rehab in 2018? Let Legacy be your guiding light and call us today.

If you suspect that your girlfriend does have an alcohol or substance abuse problem of some kind there are some things you can look for. One of the problems in discovering whether your girlfriend has an alcohol problem is women metabolize alcohol differently than men. When looking for a problem in women research shows two drinks a day or perhaps 14 drinks a week can show that a woman is having a problem with alcohol. It’s also sometimes a matter of tolerance to alcohol or drugs as women’s body chemistry does react differently.

Often someone who is in the midst of a substance abuse issue will appear to drink large amounts of alcohol but not seem drunk. Sometimes the amount of alcohol or even drugs is not the biggest issue. Stress usually comes from their job, finances, family, and friends. Most women still manage to have a job that is stressful, run their home, and take care of all matters they need to all while suffering from some type of substance abuse. However, what looks like having it all together will soon become a problem. Life will eventually begin to unravel.

Some things that you can look for when it comes to the behaviors would be:

  1. Being absent from work
  2. Always has prescription drugs and offers them to friends
  3. Makes plans but does not follow through
  4. Money is an issue
  5. Can possibly have credit card debt
  6. Has a problem being hungover often
  7. Spends considerable time alone
  8. Has issues with coworkers, friends, and others in their lives
  9. Appears to not drink often, but when they do they get really drunk
  10. Frequently feels the need to take a break from drinking or substance abuse
  11. Physical symptoms to look for can include weight loss, weight gain, a flushed look, or being bloated
  12. Not being able to recall conversations a day later
  13. Spends more time with other people who drink or abuse drugs and less time with family and friends.
  14. Appears to constantly have a cold, needs many bathroom breaks, or sniffs a lot
  15. Begins to do things they normally would not do or that are against their moral values

When you have a girlfriend or other friend who is struggling with  something it's natural to want to help. When it comes to addiction or alcohol abuse it can be difficult to know how to help. One of the problems is that you would never want to ruin the friendship or relationship you have with the person. A recent survey points to just the opposite happening. Sixty-nine percent of the people interviewed stated that someone who loved them called on them to seek help for their substance abuse. Forty-one percent also indicated they might have gotten help quicker if someone had voiced some sort of concern about them. It might also be that your relationship or friendship could come to an end. However, the friendship relationship might also end because of the substance abuse. Don't let addiction hold you back any longer! Call Legacy Freedom and ask about our outpatient options for Columbus drug rehab.

There is also the issue of not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings. You could possibly be saving a life though. As a friend you can also help someone get their life back together. Often, when in a relationship with the person, you will find they might hide their substance abuse problem from you and from their immediate family. When this is the case often the family or even the significant other might not be the best help for the person. Professional help might be the next step for them.

Knowing the long term effects of any kind of substance abuse can help with the conversation as well. Cancer, stroke, lung disease, heart related issues, mental disorders, and Hepatitis B and C are all long term risks. Given these real health issues, having the conversation about what can happen because of substance abuse may help your girlfriend decide to seek treatment.

When you have decided to support your girlfriend, you can help her find what it will take to begin her journey back to being sober. You will also need to keep in mind that most addicts do not really want to give up their addiction. You will also need to realize that you cannot do the hard work for her. You can be a great support system for her. You can also be there to help her in the journey ahead. Legacy Freedom offers traditional and alternative Columbus drug rehab. Call now to learn more.

If you decide to stick around and support your girlfriend, then you will also need to know you must take care of yourself in this process. You will want to have some hard rules that your girlfriend must follow for you to be able to support her through the rehabilitation process. Only you can decide what those rules will be. You must also keep in mind that there may come a period of time when you may need to re-evaluate this decision. You may also need to re-evaluate the relationship as well.

Substance abuse is not easy to overcome. Relapses are always a possibility. This make relationships even harder to maintain. Seek help or counseling for yourself as well. An addict will always put their addiction first. Handling that as a friend or loved one is not easy.

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