How ADHD Is Impacting Your Finances

ADHD therapy in Raleigh, NCManaging money can be a difficult challenge for those who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, with some planning and common sense, you can learn how to meet your financial goals despite the impulsive nature of your mental illness. These tips are designed to get you thinking about what your financial goals are and how you can make them a reality. Need ADHD therapy in Raleigh, NC this summer? Contact Legacy Freedom today for help.

Set Clear Goals
Taking control of your finances can be difficult when you are struggling to manage your impulsive spending and stay on a budget. Setting clear goals will help you be smarter with your money and ensure that your bills are paid. Determining your needs vs. your wants is critical to this process. Know your monthly fixed expenses like utilities, mortgage or rent payments, car payments, insurance, and loans. Then look at how much you typically spend on entertainment, food, clothing, or gas. Once you have identified where your money needs to go each month, it will be easier to see what money you have left to use towards your goals. Whether you choose to set a goal to go on vacation or to pay off your credit card, being clear about what the goal is and having an idea of how you can achieve it is essential for your success.

Make a Plan
Once you know what your goal is and what money you have left every month to devote to accomplishing the goal you can make a plan for how you will achieve the goal. If you decide you want to save for a Caribbean vacation, make a step by step plan on what you are saving for. In order to go on the trip, you'll need a passport. Getting the funds together to obtain or update your passport is a great short-term goal. Once you have your passport, you'll need to decide where you want to stay, what activities you'll want to do, and when you want to go. Choosing to break the more substantial expenses up into smaller parts will help you feel like you are accomplishing your goal and it makes the entire goal less overwhelming.

Be Realistic About Your Problem Areas
Be honest with yourself about why you struggle financially. Many people with ADHD lose track of bills and important papers. They also have difficulty keeping up with bank and credit card balances. Procrastination is also a common issue that can lead to missed payments and high late fees. Taking control of your finances is crucial for reducing the stress and anxiety you experience in addition to your ADHD.

Quality ADHD Therapy in Raleigh, NC for 2018

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