Addiction Prevention Family Plan

columbus oh drug rehab If you are a parent with teenagers then please think about creating an addiction prevention family plan. Being an addict is a lifelong problem with lots of complexities. It is a condition that affects the mind, body and soul. It is a serious issue that knows no age limits, gender, or race. Because of this, you should sit your family down and discuss ways to keep everyone sober.

Today's post is the first in a three part series that focuses on how to develop a family addiction prevention plan. Part one is going to give you an overview, part two focuses mainly on things to do that will make a positive impact, and part three will cover all the don'ts and conclude the series.

Addiction is more than a dependence on a substance, behavior or activity. Addiction usually begins with, and generally refers to, using drugs and alcohol, but it can also refer to food, gambling, shopping, sex, internet porn, video games, self-mutilation, and other behaviors.

When someone becomes addicted to these substances, their brain chemistry changes and their reward system gets really twisted and confused. Addicts also use their abuse to escape reality. Substance abuse has always been a negative coping mechanism to avoid the challenges, stresses, and hard situations that normal life brings. Addictions that develop in childhood can be especially challenging to deal with, and can lead to much worse mental and physical health problems in the future. When the brain is still in its developmental phase, avoiding psychologically habitual and physically addictive substances is critical to normal growth.

When developing your family addiction prevention plan, please consider many protective elements (the do's) and all the different risk factors (the don'ts) to add to the discussion. The do's in the plan should be focused on preventing and limiting the opportunities for substance abuse, while the don'ts should target the potential risks to avoid. Let's take a look at both:


  • maintain a safe, stable, peaceful and functional home
  • create strong bonds with your kids and be available
  • talk openly with your children and foster healthy values
  • be an informed parent; stay up on all substance abuse trends
  • keep your kids active with fun activities that everyone can enjoy


  • wait to have the drug and drinking talk
  • be unreliable with discipline and rewards
  • be inconsistent about drug and alcohol use
  • ignore the early warning signs of risky behavior
  • hesitate to get help from our Columbus OH drug rehab center

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