Addiction Prevention Family Plan, Continued

drug rehab in columbusWelcome back to part two in this three part series on developing your own family addiction prevention plan. If you're new to the series, here is a recap. Part one was a general overview covering the do's and don'ts. Today's blog will focus mainly on the positive things to do that will help your teenagers stay sober. Part three will cover all the don'ts to conclude the series.

Let's get right into breaking down all the good things that you should include in your family plan to fight addiction.

The Do's

Do maintain a safe, stable, peaceful and functional home!

First and foremost, the best defense against teenage addiction problems is by creating the best home environment possible. This includes making your home safe, stable, peaceful and functional. Safe means no drugs and very limited drinking. Stable and peaceful in that mommy and daddy are not always fighting, yelling and screaming about everything. Functional, with chaos in the home kept to a minimum. A normal and routine child life helps in breeding confidence, love and security.

Do create strong bonds with your kids and be available!

Being a parent means more than being a dictator. You should strive to form both physical and emotional bonds with your children. You should also always try your best to just be available to them. These things are crucial for positive behavioral and personality development. Focus your family time on doing entertaining activities that everyone will enjoy, and try to schedule some alone time with your child.

Do talk openly with your children and foster healthy values!

As a parent, you also cannot just be a friend - you have to be a parent too and this means mentoring and providing guidance and supervision. To get your values about drinking and drugs across to your kids, talk openly with them without being angry, loud, and judgmental. Be open minded, yet strong in your stance. Foster a time with your family where everyone can speak openly without fear of being punished, or laughed at.

Do be informed parents and stay up on all substance abuse trends!

Parents, the times are a changing and you need to be flexible and change with them. With the internet, it's easier than ever to stay up on all the substance abuse trends, as well as the things that are putting our children in danger. These can also be monitoring online and cellphone activity. The goal is not to invade their privacy, but more so to be aware of any danger signs so you can act quickly in case of an emergency. Be proactive with your child's safety.

Do keep your kids active with fun activities that everyone can enjoy!

Keeping your kids active will help keep them off drugs and prevent underage drinking. The more time they are spending doing positive activities, the fewer opportunities to engage in risky behavior they will have. Being heavily involved in organized sports, the YMCA, 4H, the boy/girl scouts, and your local church will foster positive values, confidence, great leadership skills, and other lifelong benefits.

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