7 Traits of a Narcissist

Therapy in Columbus, OHDo you know how to spot a narcissist? These social chameleons may appear to be generous and compassionate, but underneath that false front lies someone who is intensely focused on themselves and their own happiness. A narcissist desires only to please themselves and can make their friends and partners feel on top of the world one minute and lower than low the next. How do you know you're dealing with a narcissist? These common traits can help you identify a narcissist. If you need mental health therapy in Columbus, OH, call Legacy today.

It's Always About Them
When it comes to talking with a narcissist, if it's not about them, they aren't listening. Most of the conversation is dominated by their accomplishments and what they are thinking about. If you are able to get a word in, the narcissist will find a way to route the conversation back to themselves by linking something you have said back to something in their own life. They are big and important. You are only there to listen to them and feed their ego.

They Avoid Criticism
A narcissist can dish out criticism to anyone about anything. However, when they find themselves being criticized their feelings are hurt, and they become defensive. Since everything is all about them, when you discuss your personal feelings, the narcissist assumes that your feelings are directly related to what they have been doing and therefore are a criticism of them. Narcissists have an over-inflated sense of themselves which is quickly deflated by negative feedback.

I'm Right, You're Wrong
Forget trying to get a narcissist to admit fault or blame. They live in a world dominated by all or nothing thinking. Blaming and finding fault with others is safer than realizing they were wrong. A narcissist believes that they are above others and beyond reproach.

I'm Listening...to Me
Your thoughts, feelings, and wants are all inconveniences to a narcissist. When these items are discussed the narcissist automatically feels that their opinions are right and that your needs are of little importance. They seek to control the conversation by dismissing, ignoring, or minimizing your thoughts or feelings.

I Make My Own Rules
Rules apply to other people but not to narcissists. They do what they want, when they want without regard for anyone else.

If I'm Angry, It's Because of You
A narcissist may be quick to anger, and when they are angry it is everyone's fault but their own. They demand apologies even if they are the one at fault.

Live in a Fairy Tale World
Narcissists believe that they are special and unique and should only associate with those who are of high-status or have achieved success. They are often obsessed with obtaining unlimited power and being viewed as brilliant, powerful, and attractive. They are in constant pursuit of ideal love.

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Do these traits describe you or someone you know? Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a treatable mental health condition. Legacy Freedom of Columbus has helped thousands of clients overcome their NPD and learn to have healthy interactions with their partner, spouse, coworkers, or friends. If you have been the victim of a narcissist and are dealing with low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety as a result, our compassionate and supportive care team can help you learn ways to restore your confidence and overcome the abuse you have endured.

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