Holiday Gifts to Give a Loved One in Recovery

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Easily one of the best parts of the holiday season is the chance to give thoughtful gifts to the ones you love. However, as we can all admit, sometimes gift-giving can be a little stressful if the recipient is difficult to shop for or is someone you do not know well. Perhaps the trickiest holiday gift to give is the one that you give someone who is going through an alcohol or drug recovery or detox program.

The detox process can be quite difficult for people, especially if they are recovering from a strong dependency on alcoholopioids, and other addictive substances. Each day, they can feel tempted by various triggers to resume their dependency. Ideally, the gift you give them for the holidays will not be one that tempts their addiction but instead encourages them to stay on the path to recovery.

At Freedom Detox in Charlotte, North Carolina, we want everyone to have both the happiest holidays and the best chances of completing their detox programs successfully. To hopefully make this goal a reality, we have shared a few holiday gifts that we think should be great for someone in recovery.

7 Gift Ideas for People in Recovery

  1. Day spa pass: Around the holidays, just about everyone could use a day at the spa to unwind, relax, and enjoy a muscle massage. Why not give your loved one the gift of ultimate relaxation by buying them a day spa pass? Going through a detox program can be mentally and physically exhausting, especially when withdrawal symptoms caused by alcohol or drugs are intense. A day at the spa should be an appreciated remedy for those stresses. You can also check for spas that offer guided meditation or yoga sessions, which can be deeply relaxing and rewarding in different ways.
  2. Jewelry: Rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other trinkets are beautiful ways to remind someone that you are there to support them through anything and everything. When they are feeling down on their luck or tired from their fight against dangerous addiction, they can look at the piece of jewelry you gifted them for an instant reminder that they are not alone. Jewelry is a fantastic gift option also because it is so customizable and fits virtually every type of fashion sense. There are even shops that will engrave pieces of jewelry to say whatever you would like, so you can add a positive or reaffirming message to the back of a bracelet, for example.
  3. Outdoor equipment: Distraction can actually be a good thing for someone who is going through a detox program because an idle mind is one that returns to its bad habits. If your loved one has always been a fan of the outdoors, you can gift them camping equipment. Make the gift even more special by planning a camping trip in which you can tag along. Together, you can find a greater appreciation for the great outdoors and fight off drug and alcohol temptations. For a loved one who is not so excited about being in the middle of nature, you can consider gardening tools for a gift instead. Planting and cultivating a garden can be a rewarding and symbolic experience on many levels.
  4. Personalized and sober holiday party: The middle of a holiday party can be one of the least welcoming places for someone who is recovering from substance addiction disorders. Everyone around them will be drinking alcohol, often to excess and inebriation. Instead of telling your loved one that they probably should not show up to the holiday party this year, give them a gift of a personalized and sober holiday party. Plan an event that you know they will like, such as one that features their favorite foods, decorations, holiday movies, etc. Top it off by hosting it in a place with no alcohol or recreational drugs. Insist that any guests who arrive are committed to staying sober the entire night, too.
  5. Photo album of great memories: For many people who are going through a recovery process, the greatest driving force to succeed is not the future but instead the past. They remember better times when a substance abuse disorder had not disrupted their day-to-day lives. They think back to when they had strong relationships with their friends and families because they were in full control of their thoughts and emotions. If your loved one would benefit from a trip down memory lane, then you can use a photo album to take them there. Consider snapshots of vacations, moments with loved ones and pets, great achievements like getting a new car, and so forth to fill the album with happy, encouraging memories. You can conclude the album with a note about how you look forward to many more years of fun together.
  6. Stationery and a journal: Another good way to keep track of favorite memories is to keep a journal or a diary. You can gift a personalized journal and matching stationery set to your loved one. Many people in recovery find that keeping a journal can be as remedial as other forms of therapy and treatments. A journal can be used to record daily emotions, triggers, and other concerns related to recovery and detox. By identifying what is working and what might be tempting them to use drugs or alcohol again, your loved one will be better prepared for the road ahead.
  7. Amusement park ticket: Did you know that some people begin abusing drugs and alcohol as a form of thrill-seeking? Personalities that enjoy endorphin and adrenaline highs can be especially susceptible to the temptation of a dangerous substance because it is just that: dangerous. A trip to an amusement park with exciting rollercoasters and rides can remind your loved one that there are other ways to get a thrill without risking their health and wellbeing.

Where Else Can You Find Great Gift Ideas?

Are you not certain if any of the holiday gift ideas provided on this list are right for your friend or family member? Everyone is unique, so that is certainly possible, after all. Not to worry, though.

A big part of recovery is creating a support system and a group of loved ones who genuinely want to see that person succeed. You can use that support system now to brainstorm a great holiday gift for that special someone in your life. With other input from friends, family members, coworkers, and so forth, you are bound to find something that seems like the perfect holiday gift that encourages them to hold onto their strength and complete their detox and recovery program. If you have not yet formed such a group with others in your loved one’s life, then now is the time!

Once again, from all of us at Freedom Detox, we wish you and all of your loved ones the merriest holiday season. If you ever need to speak to a detox professional in Charlotte, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can call (800) 475-2312 or use an online contact form if you prefer.

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