When Do I Need Detox?

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Understanding Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Whenever toxins are removed from the body, the process is known as detoxification or detox. Your body naturally completes this process by itself, but when drugs and alcohol are involved, you may need some assistance.

Drug and alcohol detox is the first step in recovering from a substance use disorder. The type of detox you need will depend on which substance(s) you struggle with.

Medically-Assisted Detox

Medically-assisted, or medically-supervised, detox occurs at accredited detox centers like Freedom Detox. It typically involves 24-hour care and observation, and patients may need prescriptions to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

To complete medically-supervised detox, you need both medical and mental health professionals. Medical detox is not something you can do alone, and it is not available at all residential recovery centers.

Most often, medically-assisted detox is associated with alcoholism and opioid addiction. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be fatal, so medically supervised detox is especially important. Withdrawal from benzodiazepinescocaine, and amphetamines can also have serious complications.

Clinically-Managed Detox

For some substances, you may be able to get by with clinically-managed, or “social,” detox. While you may still face withdrawal symptoms, they won’t be as severe, and you can detox safely in any clinical or social setting. Some programs provide you with therapy while you detox in a safe space, and others allow you to share your detox with peers going through the same thing.

As with any other part of the recovery process, the level of detox you need will depend on what substance(s) you are using and how severe your addiction is.

Home Detox and Cold Turkey

Some people try to detox at home or stop using drugs and alcohol “cold turkey,” or all at once. While this approach may work for some people, it can be incredibly painful, and we do not recommend it. As we mention above, withdrawal symptoms for some drugs come with serious, sometimes fatal consequences.

How the Detox Process Works

Because every person is different, we begin with a personalized evaluation. During this phase, we will find out what drugs are in your system and evaluate your physical and psychological well-being. Once we develop the best treatment plan for you, we will move into stabilization.

When you choose Freedom Detox, stabilization includes medication, daily care, individual sessions with a counselor, and a psychosocial support group.

We also provide discharge planning and aftercare, so you can move seamlessly into the next phase of recovery.

Begin your detox today by calling Freedom Detox at (800) 475-2312 or sending us a confidential message online.

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