Understanding Addiction: The Symptoms

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Addiction is life-changing. It can cause complete disruption in the lives of everyone involved. Whether you’re the addict, or a loved one standing by and watching this condition cause chaos within their life, understanding addiction can help. In our previous blog post, we talked about what addiction actually is and the forms it can come in. From shopping to gambling, substance abuse or tobacco, addiction is typically something that harms us in one way or another. Often, addiction therapy or drug rehab in Charlotte NC is the only way to recover.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Those that are addicted to something, either mentally or physically tend to have many warning signs and symptoms others can identify, if they know what to look for. Not knowing what these signs and symptoms are, however, might leave us unable to recognize our loved one is an addict.

Below, you’ll find a large list of symptoms that might be experienced or observed when an individual is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

  • Spending money on drugs or alcohol, even though you can’t afford it
  • Slurred speech
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Slowed breathing and reduced blood pressure
  • Restlessness
  • Red eyes
  • Rapid or rambling speech
  • Psychotic and violent behavior
  • Problems concentrating or thinking
  • Paranoia
  • Panic attacks
  • Over time, needing more drugs or alcohol to get the same effect
  • Not meeting obligations and work responsibilities, or cutting back on social or recreational activities because of drug or alcohol use
  • Nausea or vomiting with weight loss
  • Nasal congestion and damage to the mucous membrane of the nose (if snorting drugs)
  • Memory problems
  • Making certain that you maintain a supply of drugs or alcohol
  • Lack of inhibition
  • Lack of coordination
  • Irritability or changes in mood
  • Involuntary eye movements (nystagmus)
  • Insomnia
  • Increased sociability
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increased energy
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improved appetite
  • Impaired judgment
  • Having intense urges for drugs or alcohol
  • Hallucinations
  • Focusing more and more time and energy on getting and using the drug
  • Feeling that you have to use drugs or alcohol regularly — this can be daily or even several times a day
  • Feeling of exhilaration
  • Failing in your attempts to stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop taking drugs or alcohol
  • Excess confidence
  • An exaggerated feeling of well-being
  • Euphoria
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Driving or doing other risky activities when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Doing things to get drugs or alcohol that you normally wouldn’t do, such as stealing
  • Dizziness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering
  • Depression during drug use
  • Depression as the drug wears off
  • Delusions and hallucinations
  • Delirium
  • Decreased mental sharpness
  • Decreased coordination
  • Chest pain
  • Changes in heart rate and blood pressure
  • Behavior changes or aggression
  • Amplified alertness
  • Agitation
  • A sense of euphoria or feeling “high”
  • A heightened sense of visual, auditory and taste perception

Addiction is different for everyone. No two people are the same when dealing with dependency. That’s why understanding addiction can help not only those suffering but loved ones hoping to help, as well. Below, you’ll find warning signs and symptoms that might help you recognize what’s happening to you or your loved one before it’s too late. Once addiction has been identified substance abuse treatment centers in Charlotte NC can help.

Realizing that these symptoms and behaviors are now a part of your lifestyle leads to one thing, a decision to get help from our substance abuse treatment centers in Charlotte NC. To talk with our counselors about drug treatment, contact us anytime. For more information about how to better understand addiction visit back with our blog soon.

Freedom Detox

If you, or someone you know, are suffering from a substance abuse problem, it’s time to get help. While it’s easy to believe that you are alone in this struggle, that is the farthest thing from the truth. There are numerous people dealing with addiction in the world. Regardless of how bad drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. Contact Freedom Detox if you need drug rehab in Charlotte NC. We are here to help you get back on track to a healthier, happier life.

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