Dealing With Bad Sober Days

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Getting sober is an exciting and accomplished feeling. However, there are days that can be very difficult and challenging. Recovery is a long road with many ups and downs. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

It just means you’ll have to be dedicated and ready for whatever comes your way. On bad sober days, use the tips below to help you get through. If you’ve let addiction take control of your life, make a change for the better. Call the best drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC! Call Freedom Detox!

How to Deal With Bad Sober Days

Attend a meeting.

It’s possible you’ve weaned yourself off of support group meetings because you feel strong and able to cope. However, when you have a bad day you might need to attend one. They can help you by giving you perspective. You’ll be able to focus, not only on your problems and negativity but also on others. Hearing their stories might help you rise above the negative thoughts.

Ask your family for help.

Sometimes we just need to talk. When that’s the case, ask your loved ones if you can lean on them. Just letting someone know about the difficult times you’re going through can often help.

Get emotional.

If you are sad, lonely or angry feel your feelings. Don’t pretend that everything is OK. While you don’t want to constantly stay in an emotional state, letting your guard down once in a while will help you rise above how you’re feeling. Take time to write down your emotions in a journal. You can also talk to someone about how you’re feeling.

Start exercising.

If you haven’t been, start a routine that allows physical activity in your life. Whether that’s a jog around the block, bike ride, dance class or tennis match, take time to incorporate it into your busy schedule. Especially on days when you feel down and out.

Be positive.

No matter what happens, know that you’ll get through this day and onto the next. Never worry about tomorrow. Always have an open and positive mind about what’s to come. It’s normal to feel down and out on certain days, especially when you’re recovering from an addiction. Just know that most of your time is spent in a dozen different happy ways because you are sober. Make the conscious choice to be happy.

Volunteer your time.

Often we can get caught up in our own sadness or bad days. During times when you feel like this, take time to volunteer. Whether it’s at a homeless shelter, food pantry or other places where those in need go when they need help, volunteer your time. You will feel better for it.

Remember, you will have good days and bad days along the way throughout recovery. On those bad days use these tips to help you rise above your negative feelings. For information about our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs, please keep reading.

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