Celebrate Your Sobriety With These Ideas!

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If you’ve reached a milestone in your recoveries, such as one year, two years, or more, it’s time to celebrate! The anniversary of the day you quit drugs or alcohol is just as important as a birthday or graduation. It marks the point when you decided to change your life for the better and stuck with it. The struggle is real. Overcoming addiction can be one of the hardest things a person does in his or her life. It’s an ongoing process. Taking the time to recognize achievements in the fight can help strengthen a person’s resolve to continue on the right path.Tracking your sobriety can help when you begin to feel stuck or feel like you can’t make it. When you first began, you may have marked off each day you were clean until the calendar was filled up with red Xs. After a while, you may have stopped because it got easier, but don’t forget to celebrate the milestones – from six months to one year to 18 months – it all matters. Each day that you have spent sober is another day you’ve become stronger.

That’s a reason to celebrate. Not sure how? Here are some ideas. Searching for Charlotte NC alcohol rehab or drug treatment? Call Freedom Detox today to see how we can help you.

Celebrate Your Sobriety With These Ideas!

Have a Party

Plan a party and invite your friends and family. Make sure they know it’s a non-alcoholic event. If you are celebrating your one year anniversary, buy a cake and dig into with your hands it the way kids do when they turn one. It’ll make for great photos.

Get an Adrenaline Rush

Plan a trip to do something exciting that you’ve always wanted to try, such as sky diving or visiting an amusement park. Invite along your adventurous friends to help you celebrate.

Go On a Retreat

If you’d rather celebrate with relaxing, low-key activities, plan a weekend away at a spa and get the full experience. If you can’t afford a whole weekend, get a massage locally and head home to relax for the rest of the day.

Help Others

You can give back through volunteering or by lending an ear to other people in recovery. There may even be recovery events in your area where you can celebrate with others who have reached milestones in their recovery.

Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Get your hair cut or dyed a new color, or buy a new outfit you’d normally never wear. Or, if you want something more permanent, get a tattoo to commemorate your anniversary. Break free of the idea of who you think you are. One year ago you may have thought you were going to be an addict forever, but now you’re not. Don’t box yourself in.

Make one of these the first of a tradition so that you can honor your hard work each year, and have something to look forward to in the next 12 months. And, congratulations!

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