More Reasons to Keep a Journal During Recovery

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Welcome back. Today we are going to continue talking about journals and reasons why recovering addicts should take advantage of this activity. Did you know that there are several different types of journal writing?

Below, you’ll find information about each one. Searching for alternative drug treatment in Charlotte NC? Call Freedom Detox for free information on how we can help you or your addicted loved ones!

More Reasons to Keep a Recovery Journal

Consciousness Journal

This type of journal is a great way to help you get in the habit of writing, in general. Schedule a specific time each day, or every other day, to write down whatever it is you are thinking of at the time. Write about a cute puppy you saw at the park. Jot down thoughts of what you’re doing for dinner or what time you have to go to work the next day. This exercise is spontaneous. It should be done in a way that isn’t edited. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. Just go with the flow and write down everything you’re thinking about during this time. It can be a ten-minute activity or more, depending on how you’d like to start. Build on this and continue into the following journal types, once you’re ready.

Personal Journal

You’ve been through a great deal during your addiction and recovery. Take time to write down important aspects of your day. Write down things you’re looking forward to and things you’re hoping to achieve in the future.

Gratitude Journal

Negative thinking is something an addict gets used to. In recovery, you learn to become positive and grateful. If you’re still struggling with negative thoughts during recovery, write down things you are thankful for each day. Even if only done once a week, this activity will put your life into perspective and help you remember to stay positive.

Spiritual Journal

It’s possible you’ve undergone spiritual growth during your recovery. Take time to write down your thoughts and feelings regarding this journey. You’ll be able to reflect and remember as well as appreciate your recovery and how you got to this point.

Health Journal

It’s important to incorporate exercise and good health in your life after addiction. Writing down your efforts in a journal is a great way to get the most from your recovery.

We hope this helps you get in the habit of writing your thoughts, daily activities and feelings down in a journal from time to time during your recovery. It will help you through your journey. If you missed our previous blog post be sure to visit back with it soon.

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