Common Questions of Newly Sober People

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People in recovery often ask the same questions about their addiction and how they will continue to fight it, so you shouldn’t worry. It’s common to feel uneasy about the future ahead of you. Below you will find a few of the most commonly asked questions that newly sober people have. If you need alcohol and drug treatment in Charlotte NC, please call the counselors at Freedom Detox for help.

Do I really have to give up drugs or alcohol completely?

If you can’t control your drinking or have a drug abuse problem, then yes, you have to give up those vices completely. A person who doesn’t have a problem should be able to give them up for periods of time without much adjustment or uneasiness. If you know that you are an “all or nothing” type of person, then you have to give up those substances if they are having a negative effect on your life.

When will my cravings go away?

After a few weeks, physical cravings should subside. The mental cravings take longer because you have essentially trained your brain to need drugs or alcohol in order to feel good. You’ll have to re-learn to associate good feelings with healthy things like eating nutritious food and exercising. Cravings can also occur when you’re doing activities that you did while drinking or using drugs, such as socializing. It can be difficult to separate them but if you practice, you can learn to do them without feeling as if you need a drink. If it becomes too hard, it may be best to avoid those activities for a while. Remember just because you have a craving doesn’t mean you have to succumb to it. The more you resist, the stronger your sobriety will become.

When will I feel like a normal person again?

Addiction wreaks havoc on your body and mind. It will take a while to recover even after you have gone through detox. There is no set timeline because everyone is different. The type of drug you used also plays a part in your recovery. Just keep in mind that the more healthy choices you make in recovery, the better you will feel. Be sure to eat healthy food rather than indulging in food with empty calories. Exercise regularly in order to release endorphins that will give you a natural “high.” Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people. The changes you make may not seem to be doing anything at first, but slowly you will begin to notice that you feel better and your life is improving.

Will I have to go to meetings forever?

Depending on your treatment plan, it may be best for you to attend meetings even after you’ve completed your program. Having people to talk to that are in similar situations can be helpful in maintaining your sobriety. There are a lot of options available now, so you should be able to find one that meets your needs. This doesn’t mean you have to go for the rest of your life, but it is an option you should always stay open to months or years down the road.

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