How to Encourage Sobriety

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Completing alcohol and drug rehab in Charlotte is just the first step in a recovery process that lasts a lifetime. Maintaining sobriety takes commitment, determination and the support of loved ones.If you know someone in recovery, here are six ways you can offer encouragement to motivate them to stay sober:


People who have addiction problems make mistakes that can damage many of their relationships.  If you have forgiven your loved one, make sure he or she knows you don’t hold any grudges about the past. Stick to your word by not bringing up old transgressions. Practice the adage “forgive and forget.”

Don’t Judge

Addicts often feel they are constantly being judged because of their past behavior. They may also feel like people are waiting for them to relapse. Let your loved one know that you won’t judge or criticize and that you are there to help them stay on track even if they have a misstep.


Having someone to talk to is important in maintaining sobriety. It gives the addict an outlet for expressing feelings that may have previously lead them to do drugs or drink. Be there to listen whenever they need to talk.

Be Positive

Show your encouragement by offering positive reinforcement for new behavior. For example, if you notice that they seem more relaxed after going to a support group meeting, tell them you think that the meetings are helpful because they are in such a good mood after attending. If you see your loved one trying to do more in other areas of their life, offer support there, too. Tell them you think it’s great that they are learning a new hobby or taking on more responsibility at work.

Offer a Safe Space

It’s important for someone in recovery to be in environments free of drugs or alcohol, especially in the beginning.  Make your home a safe place to visit. When you go out, suggest other types of social activities instead of bars or clubs so you won’t have to worry about them being around alcohol or drugs.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Suggest finding other pastimes to replace old bad habits. Offer to join a sports group or take up a hobby with him or her. Remind them that part of being healthy is eating right and exercising, so offer support in those areas, too, by cooking healthy meals or going to the gym.

Recovery from addiction is a process that never ends, but it does get easier with time. By being supportive of your loved one’s efforts, you can help them continue to maintain sobriety.

In the U.S. millions of people struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, but only a small percentage of them seek help. September is National Recovery Month, which is a nationwide initiative that hopes to increase the number of people getting help through education about addiction programs. The program was created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to raise awareness and educate the public about substance abuse and behavioral health treatment options.

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