Celebrate Sobriety During National Recovery Month

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September is National Recovery Month, a time to observe the importance of substance abuse treatment and mental health services. Organizers hope to raise awareness about treatment programs available to those struggling with addiction or mental health problems. They also encourage those who have successfully completed treatment to celebrate their accomplishments.If you’ve completed alcohol or drug rehab in Charlotte then you have reason to celebrate. Taking the step to break free of addiction was probably one of the hardest things you’ve ever done in your life. You should take the time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished. This type of positive reinforcement of your choice to remain sober will help you build confidence in yourself that you can pull from when you have bad days. Celebrating your sobriety will show you how far you’ve come and encourage you to keep moving forward.

Check out These Five Ways to Celebrate Your Sobriety

  1. Visit the National Recovery Month website at http://www.recoverymonth.gov to learn about activities in your area. You can also call the center where you received treatment to see if they are going to have activities that you can participate in. If you’re part of a support group, see if they want to take part in activities offered locally, or plan a celebration with your group.
  2. Take note of milestone dates. Have you been sober for one month? Six months? One year? In many treatment programs, you’re encouraged to celebrate certain dates in order to reinforce the idea of the “sober clock.” If you were to slip up, you’d have to reset the clock. Having days, weeks and months of sobriety behind you can strengthen your resolve to stay sober.
  3. Reward yourself. Plan an activity that you would consider a splurge to celebrate the gains you’re making in recovery. Get a pedicure or massage once a month. Plan a big trip for your one-year milestone. It will give you something to work towards, and when you reach it, it will be a positive reinforcement of all you’ve accomplished.
  4. Tell your story. Part of National Recovery Month’s initiative is asking those in recovery to share their stories. They believe that hearing other people’s struggles and learning how they came through them can encourage people dealing with addiction problems to get help. See if you can speak at the facility where you got help, or at a local church or school.
  5. Give back. When you were struggling with addiction, there may have been someone in your life that reached out to help you.  You can do the same for someone else. Even if you don’t feel strong enough in your recovery to work with people who have addiction problems, you can still give back to the community. Consider volunteering at a teen center, a retirement home or animal shelter. Helping other people makes you feel good about yourself and can help you build confidence.

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