Most Addictive Drugs

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Welcome to the beginning of our blog series, Most Addictive Drugs. During the course of this series, you’ll learn more about drug addiction, the most addictive drugs and how they affect our bodies. Learning more about substance abuse can help us teach others, as well as, hopefully, give us the ammunition to say no when faced with the decision whether to use or not.

Addiction is a progressively enduring and relapsing illness that causes uncontrollable behaviors. These behaviors lead to constant substance abuse and detrimental consequences.

Addicts have a hard time showing emotion and verbalizing feelings. Often, avoidance is the key to a drug seeker’s way of dealing. Using drugs is their escape route.

Drugs physically alter the structure of our brain as they’re used. Substance abuse creates physical complications, as well. It’s worrisome to watch our loved ones deal with an addiction, but there are many times when we aren’t sure which drugs are more harmful than others. We don’t know what signs to watch out for to help addicts when things get too bad.

There is a multitude of drugs to be concerned about. Below, you will find a list of the most addictive drugs and their effects, mentally and physically.

Over the course of the next several blog posts, we will be listing the most addictive drugs and how they affect the body. Today, we are starting with a drug that can have serious side effects and consequences.

Most Addictive Drugs

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate

Also known as GHB, this drug is a central nervous system depressant. Best known as the “date rape” drug, it’s used to cause feelings of peacefulness and euphoria. GHB also eases anxiety when taken in large doses. In combination with alcohol, the date rape drug can cause the recipient to pass out. Though the half-life is short, withdrawal can be serious and extreme. Symptoms include panic, insomnia, dizziness and severe anxiety. According to the Dutch study, GHB’s dependency rating is 1.71.

For more information, visit back with our blog series, soon. We will offer more information to help educate you about each of the most addictive drugs and how they can affect you or someone you love.

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