Am I a Drug Addict?

Published On: January 6, 20151.8 min read359 wordsCategories: Addiction Treatment And Rehab

A question that’s hard to answer alone, might also be a question that you’ve been asking yourself for quite a while now. Do I have a drug problem? The answer to this question is easy for those that have undergone drug treatment but those that haven’t might have more difficulty answering.

If you’re concerned about your drug use and need help determining whether or not you need help with your problem, it’s best to talk with a professional about undergoing drug treatment in Charlotte NC. Drug abuse and addiction isn’t something that goes away within a few weeks, all on its own. Addiction is a life-altering problem that can turn the most easy-going, everyday situation into an issue.

If you’re not ready to seek help yet, consider another option. Instead of asking yourself whether or not you’re an addict, take a different approach. A better question to ask yourself; are you concerned about your current drug use and whether or not it’s becoming a habitual thing? If so, you might want to take some time to answer the self-test in our next blog post. The 20 question test might help you identify whether or not you’re addicted to drugs. It can also help those that are worried about a loved one who uses drugs. So, visit back with us, next post, so you can give yourself the test.

This test will help you determine the extent of your drug use and help you decide that it’s time to take action for your addiction. The test only covers questions about drug use, and does not, however, include any questions about alcohol or those worried about alcohol abuse.

Addiction isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s not a flaw in our personality. It’s a sickness that must be treated before you can get better. Please feel free to contact Freedom Detox immediately if you or someone you know answers yes to most of the questions in our next post. Drug treatment in Charlotte NC might be the only answer to leading a drug-free, healthy life. For more information on our facility, contact us, soon.

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