Quitting Opiates “Cold Turkey” Is Dangerous

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Today, doctors are treating patients with too many opiates like Vicodin and OxyContin, especially when there are other treatments available. With these excessive prescriptions comes more and more teenage recreational abuse as well as a potential rise in the use of heroin. Opiate addiction is a fast-growing issue that can be found in all corners of the United States. If you have an opiate addiction, please seek treatment and get the help you need.Many people get addicted to opiates very quickly. In some people, regular opiate use of only one to two weeks can lead to dependence. After a full month of steady opiate use, a person could easily develop an addiction. If you or someone you know and love has been using opiates for over a month, make sure they seek professional help. There will be a detox stage and often this is when times can feel the hardest. Quitting an opiate addiction, cold turkey, without professional addiction treatment, is a bad idea. Without the proper type of help, you can run the risk of developing dangerous complications, and the worst opiate withdrawal scenarios can end in death.Getting the correct type of treatment for your opiate addiction is key to avoiding a relapse. See, even if you really prepare and are of strong mind ready to see the drug sickness through until the end, the painful side effects could make you lose your way and not complete what you set out to accomplish. Do not be afraid, or embarrassed, to get the treatment that you need.

How Opiate Withdrawal Works

When an opiate enters the brain, it binds to a specific receptor that regulates pleasure, pain, positive emotions and other rewards, and causes the receptors to flood the brain with chemicals that cause a feeling of euphoria. With regular use of opiates, your body will become dependant on the drug as its primary resource for pleasure. Your brain will be totally out of whack and suddenly your entire life’s focus will be centered around finding the next hit.

Opiate dependency can develop within a few days of regular use. This rapid onset of dependency comes with an increasing intolerance to the drug, making opiate addiction rank high on the severity chart. Using opiates daily, users will find themselves taking twice as much as the day before to get the same effect or pain relief.

We often see patients that have turned to heroin after their opiate prescription has run out. They often wind up taking so many more, per day, that their doctors will refuse to give them more. At Freedom Detox, our drug rehab in Charlotte does not believe in opiate replacement therapy. We use a drug-free approach to opioid detox and remove all the unnecessary crutches.

Holistic Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC for Opiates

Freedom Detox offers holistic drug rehab in Charlotte with wonderful professionals that understand what it takes to get you sober. We do not believe in using other drugs to treat drug and alcohol abuse. We want you to be able to walk through life without the need for another crutch. If you have an opiate addiction, a problem with pain pills or other substances, please give us a call for the help you deserve. Take the first step toward recovery and get the help that you deserve. We are pulling for you, call us today.


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