9 Different Types of Drinkers

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October is a national substance abuse prevention month. With this, we wanted to provide some information about how you could actually fit into one of nine different categories if you are a regular drinker. Researchers in Great Britain came to this conclusion after studying the social and psychological characteristics of certain drinkers. These individuals engaged in regularly consuming twice the recommended amount of alcohol. The U.K. Department of Health wants to use this data to develop dramatic marketing campaigns that target individuals that are drinking at levels that could be hazardous to their health and the health of others. In the U.K, alcohol-related illnesses and injuries cost the government about $5 billion each year in healthcare expenses. These stats are according to the British National Health Service. Lucy Cockcroft is a reporter for The Telegraph. She reported that a spokesperson for the B.N.H.S stated that this situation “will be a tough one to crack.” The spokesperson also said “Research found many positive associations with alcohol among the general public – even more so among those drinking at higher-risk levels. For these people alcohol is embedded in their identity and lifestyle: so much so that challenging this behavior results in high levels of defensiveness, rejection or even outright denial.” From the research, they were able to determine the nine types of binge drinkers. These are the personality types of heavy drinkers, according to The Telegraph:

  • The De-Stress Drinker – These drinkers use alcohol to calm down. They feel they need a drink, or four, to take control of their life. Middle-class women and men typically fall into this category.
  • The Follower – This category of drinkers feels the need to belong to a group. They love a structured life. Men that are aged 40 to 59, and are in clerical or manual jobs, seem to fit this category the most.
  • The Bored Drinkers – This one is simple to understand. They drink because they feel as if they have nothing else to do. They think that consuming alcohol will help pass the time. Anyone, but especially younger adults fit this category best.
  • Drink Because I’m Sad – Depressed drinkers come in all age groups, genders, and socioeconomic groups. They drink because it makes them comfortable. They use alcohol to try to hide their sadness but it typically makes the problem worse.
  • “Old Times” Drinkers – These are mostly middle-aged men that feel the need to keep in touch with their old buddies from school, or childhood. They seek these friends out even if they are not providing the best of the company.
  • Social Drinkers – This group is motivated by the need to belong. They are usually lower middle-class men and women that are just out of college, or still considered young adults. You’ll find these drinkers out on the weekend, in large friendship groups.
  • Self-Indulgent Drinkers – These hedonistic drinkers crave stimulation. They drink to abandon control of their inhibitions. These are often middle-aged and divorced men and women. They usually have teens or adult children. You’ll find them trying to stand out in the crowd in a typically embarrassing way.
  • Tough Guy Drinkers – These men spend the majority of their spare time at the bar. They will also be the first ones ready to fight.
  • Dependent Drinkers – Individuals that seem to just live at the bar fit this category. It could be the day, night, weekend, weekday, snowing, sunny, fall or summer and you will find them at their home away from home.

So what do you think of this list? Do you fit into any of these categories? If you need help, please call our Charlotte alcohol and drug detox facility at (800) 475-2312. Our programs will help you kick substance abuse for good.

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