Sober Living Outside Inpatient Therapy

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Drug Rehab Charlotte NC: Sober Living

Having a support system when entering recovery for a substance abuse problem is one of the most important aspects of recovering. In addition, support systems continue to become increasingly important the longer your recovery remains. Since it is our goal to help you become a permanently recovering addict, we are here to help you identify support within your community.

For those recovering addicts that have a loving circle of family and friends, support systems aren’t difficult to find. Those that do not have that circle, however, have a much more difficult time finding relationships outside inpatient rehabilitation treatment programs at a drug rehab in Charlotte. The relationships and support systems outside the program can help sustain recovery for years to come. During the later stage of a rehab program, the focus shifts to community-based support.

According to, “The newly recovered addict has developed new skills needed to begin to rebuild their life. For the transition into community life to be successful, however, a strong support system is essential. Those with a strong support system benefit from:

  • Accountability
  • A lifeline during temptation
  • An opportunity to voice frustration
  • Resources and advice
  • Socialization to avoid isolation

Sober family and friends, as well as, other people in recovery, therapists and other professionals should all have a place in this support system. Working with people who have been in recovery for a period of time can also be helpful. They are useful for learning additional skills that will be helpful for resisting the urge to fall back into old habits.”

In addition, community-based support systems can help recovering addicts identify and avoid triggers. Having a trustworthy group of people who care about your well-being outside of leaving rehab is just as important as making the decision to enter into recovery. Without those support systems, you’ll likely fall back into the substance abuse issues, as you’ll have no one to help you work through triggers and cravings.

For more information on sober living outside of inpatient therapy, be sure to visit back with us soon. We will have a few tips that can keep you strong and sober, all while relying on your community-based support group.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a substance abuse addiction and needs help finding the path to recovery, feel free to contact our drug detox clinic in Charlotte. We are here to help.

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