14 Ways to Stay Sober During the Holidays

raleigh alcohol rehab centerAs a recovering addict or alcoholic, the holidays may seem like a challenge. Between the expectations of gifts, festive parties and family drama, you may fear that you’ll end up turning to drugs or alcohol in order to cope. It doesn’t need to be that way. With some preparation and guidance, you can make it to the new year without succumbing to your old habits.

Here are 14 tips to help you stay sober during the holidays. Searching for a Raleigh alcohol rehab center than you can trust? Call Legacy today for more information.

1. Make a plan before the season starts. Create a schedule that allows for a balance of activities that involve other people but also gives you time for yourself.

2. Don’t say yes to everything. Choose the events you want to attend that will cause the least amount of stress, even if it means not seeing certain family members or friends.

3. Avoid parties where there will be heavy drinking or drug use. If you do have to go, take a sober friend for support.

4. Ask your family and close friends for support over the holidays. Make a list of people you can call when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

5. If you go to therapy on your own or in a group, ask for extra support during the season. They can probably use it, too. If you have a mentor, ask for advice on how he or she makes it through the season.

6. Don’t give up your healthy habits. Make sure you continue exercising or meditating, or whatever positive and healthy activities you normally do.

7. Allow yourself to indulge in the food of the season if you enjoy it, but don’t go overboard. Try to keep a healthy diet and allow for one guilty pleasure a day.

8. Remember to ask yourself if you are feeling HALT - hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. If you are, deal with it. These feelings can make you vulnerable to temptations.

9. Make plans for events that don’t involve drinking, such as church activities, plays at local theaters, or taking a tour of a decorated neighborhood.

10. Spend some time volunteering at a local nonprofit to help you appreciate what you have while making a difference in someone else’s life.

11. If you’re travelling out of town and planning to stay for several days, see if there are local support groups you can reach out to if you need it.

12. Don’t stress over gifts. Decide to focus on the real meaning of the holidays. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy presents for your family and friends, but take the time to find something meaningful rather going overboard with a lot of trivial items.

13. Create new traditions to replace ones that involved drinking or using drugs. Acknowledge what you used to do and see if there is a way to still celebrate without your vices.

14. Write yourself a letter at the beginning of the season that explains how you’re planning to stay sober and list all the reasons why you can’t let a few weeks out of the year ruin your progress. Refer to it whenever you need a reminder.

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