Why People Leave Rehab Early

alcohol rehab wilmington NCPeople in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program may leave early for a number of reasons, and it is usually not because the person has overcome his addiction. Leaving early is not recommended by the treatment center counselors because the work is not done. It’s like going in to have a broken leg set and cast and leaving before the doctor has finished the procedure. Your injury hasn’t been properly taken care of, so it’s not going to heal the way it should.

The same can be said for leaving drug and alcohol rehab early. Someone may get the initial help, such as physical detox, and begin to learn the tools needed to live a sober life, but if he doesn’t complete the program, then he may not have all the information he needs to be fully successful. Do you need drug and alcohol rehab Wilmington NC services? If so, call us today! Legacy Freedom of Wilmington is your best option for getting sober.

Why do people leave rehab early?

People leave for a number of reasons. If he did not want to be there from the beginning, then there is no reason he would stay if he is not forced to stay. If he is not ready to get help, then it can be next to impossible to provide help to someone in that state of mind. If he thinks he does not have a problem, then any kind of counseling is not going to be effective.

If someone was heavily addicted to drugs or alcohol, withdrawal can be extremely hard. People who can’t make it through detox often leave so they can start using or drinking again in order to ease the physical symptoms. This, of course, is the cycle of addiction that can only be broken when someone is able to make it through the physical withdrawal period.

Some drug and alcohol rehab Wilmington NC programs have strict guidelines or belief systems that the individual may not agree with, so he may find it hard to follow their rules. At Legacy of Wilmington, we believe in creating a program that meets the needs of the individual, so we do not impose a belief system. We know there are many paths to recovery, so we give our patients many options in how to get there.

Unrealistic expectations of what rehab should be like can also make people leave early. There are many portrayals of recovery in movies and television, so people can enter with preconceived notions about how it will be. In most cases there aren’t a cast of characters that keep you entertained, and you may not make friends with other patients. Rehab is a personal experience that is different for everyone. Someone who is disappointed that it wasn’t like they expected can lose hope and want to leave.

There are also people who go in for a while and then feel they are done because they have all the information they need to stay sober. While it is good to have confidence in what was learned in the brief time there, it does not mean that they couldn’t use more time to fully develop the tools they need. People who leave early for this reason often regret it later.

What are the dangers of leaving early?

alcohol rehab Wilmington NCThe biggest danger of leaving rehab early is the risk of relapse. If someone did not stay very long, or left because he couldn’t handle the physical withdrawal symptoms, then it’s likely he will go back to using drugs or drinking.

People who leave early are not prepared to start a new type of life without drugs or alcohol, so the temptation is greater. If he does not have the support system he had in rehab, through counselors, doctors or people in group therapy, then he can feel alone in his recovery.

It is not uncommon for people to have setbacks and go into rehab more than once during their struggle with addiction, but the more times someone relapses, the harder it can be to go back again for help. In some cases, this could even be the only time he can get help due to finances or other obligations in life. Leaving early means leaving behind the only chance he had to become sober.

If someone leaves rehab early and relapses, he can feel ashamed and feel as if he disappointed his family or friends. Those feelings can make it hard for someone to seek help again. He may feel like it won’t do any good because it didn’t work before.

How to avoid the temptation

There is really no good reason to leave to drug and alcohol rehab Wilmington NC services early. It should be established from the beginning that under no circumstances should a person seeking help decide to stop. Even in cases of family emergencies, a person should try to stick it out, especially in outpatient programs, because having that extra support during a crisis can help a person learn to cope without drugs or alcohol.

Sometimes when emotions run high, it can seem like a good decision to leave. Someone considering quitting should give themselves 24 hours to think it through. In most cases he or she will decide to continue treatment. Going through rehab can cause a person to be on what feels like an emotional roller coaster. When emotions are at a high or low, making any type of irreversible decision is not the best idea.

If you or your loved one wants to leave, talk with a counselor or therapist about it. Don’t be afraid to express fears or hesitations about the program. In some cases changes could be made that would ease any discomfort. A treatment program that is designed to meet the needs of the individual is going to be the one that works the best.

Sometimes taking it one day at a time is the best approach when there is a temptation to leave. Look at each day as a chance to learn something new and become stronger. Keep an open mind to what you are being taught and try to apply these new skills to your life, even if it feels strange. Rehab is not supposed to be easy, but it is supposed to help you learn better ways to cope with life’s difficulties.

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