Kids of Wealthy Parents Are More at Risk of Substance Abuse

Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NCWhile society tends to look down on addicts, researchers have found that those who are among the wealthy and admired are at a higher risk for substance abuse issues. A study conducted by Arizona State University found that children from affluent families were more likely to use pot, stimulant drugs like Ritalin or Adderall, drink to excess and dabble with cocaine. The study revealed some troubling trends as these children matured into adulthood, especially into their mid to late 20's. The reason for this alarming trend among kids from wealthy families begins at home. For drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC that you can trust, call Legacy Freedom.

Those who struggle with chemical dependency do so for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to self-medicate for an underlying mental health issue like anxiety or PTSD or to help them cope with a difficult or stressful situation, the cause of addiction can be traced to some type of trauma, experience or underlying condition. When asked about the link between affluence and addiction, Arizona State professor of psychology, Suniya Luthar cited the pressures from peers to rebel, the financial means to gain access to fake identification, high academic expectations, and ease of access to drugs or alcohol.

Teens who are maintaining good marks in their academics are less likely to be ridiculed for their drug or alcohol abuse. Luthar says that kids in high-achieving schools have a lot going for them but are more vulnerable. Well off parents tend to think their children will grow out of their experimentation phase and take the drug and alcohol use less seriously if their children are performing well in school. However, Luthar cautions that this is not always the case. Study findings show a different trend as these kids mature from adolescents to adults.

Young adult males, age 22,  from wealthy families, are twice as likely to be addicted to alcohol or drugs as their peers. Females from wealthy families average an 11 to 16 percent rate of addiction. While the addiction rate is comparable for women, regardless of affluence, the dramatic number of those who use among young adult males from wealthy families is alarming. For outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC, please call Legacy Freedom now.

However, the trend of continued addiction and use at age 26 is even more shocking. Women from moneyed families were three times more likely to be addicted than the national average for their age group, and men from well-off upbringings were twice as likely to be addicted. Luthar says this study shows that many of these high-achieving young people are not outgrowing their drug and alcohol use and instead are struggling with addiction as adults.

Many who are from wealthy upbringings struggle with the fact that their family is well-to-do. Their wealth sets them apart from many of their peers, and as a result, they struggle to fit in or connect with those around them. Using drugs or alcohol may be a way to bridge the gap between their peers in their adolescent years and what was a social activity to help cope with a difficult situation amongst teenagers becomes a lifelong struggle for sobriety.

alcohol rehab in Raleigh NCIn their rebellious years, many teens feel that they are above the law especially if they are from a privileged upbringing. Knowing that they can afford to hire a pricey attorney to get them out of trouble does little to sway these young adults from using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol. However, one poor choice can garner them a criminal record that they cannot escape or a catastrophic trauma. Some privileged youth suffer from intense feelings of guilt or shame over their family's status; while some may feel that they are owed or entitled to be well-off. All of these factors play into the underlying issues that many adults who were raised with money use drugs or alcohol to cope with. If you need alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC, Legacy can help you. Call now.

The media has coined the term "affluenza" to describe these young adults who have grown up in affluent homes with their drug and alcohol use unchecked. With increasingly troublesome behavior, these reckless and self-destructive adolescents are at a greater risk for issues with addiction and the law as well. In the last few years there have been numerous incidents involving rich kids committing crimes while driving drunk or high and expecting to walk away from the consequences because of their family's wealth.

Combating the growing issue of substance abuse among affluent youth starts with the parents and educators who work with these kids each day. By helping these teenagers learn to deal with the stresses and pressures they feel to excel in academics or sports we arm them with the tools they need to be able to cope and function in the real world. By dismissing or failing to support or acknowledge these children and their feelings, the seeds of addiction are planted. Instead of turning to trusted adults, they turn to their peers and drugs or alcohol.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NC | Legacy Freedom

Addiction can happen in any socioeconomic group. If you, or someone you love, are struggling with an addiction, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. No matter how many times you've tried to quit using pills, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, or other drugs we can help. Legacy Freedom is not a twelve step program. We offer a unique, holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC that puts you at the center of your treatment, not your addiction. Together with your life-purpose coach, you will develop a plan of care that helps you overcome your addiction for good.

At Legacy Freedom, we believe in treating the whole person. Identifying the cause of your addiction is key to overcoming your addiction. Traditional talk therapy with our highly trained counseling team helps break down the underlying issues and get to the root of your addiction. Whether your addiction stems from childhood trauma, guilt, anxiety or an undiagnosed mental illness, out staff is ready to help you heal. One-on-one therapy as well as family involved therapy and peer group therapy provide the foundation of support and understanding that you need to begin your journey towards recovery.

Our on-staff dietician and physical therapist will help you heal the physical damage done by your addiction. Legacy Freedom also offers more than ten different types of alternative therapies in our programs for drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC. Your care team will help you select the right alternative therapies based on your needs and interests. Whether you choose tai chi, yoga, inner child therapy or adventure therapy each offers unique benefits that will help you on your path towards a purpose filled, healthy lifestyle.

Taking the first step and admitting your addiction is difficult. Our care team is here to listen and get you the help you need. Whether you choose to call or click to connect, our team is ready to help you live your best life. Your journey to healing begins today. What are you waiting for?

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