More Ways to Cope with Holiday Anxiety

Mental Health Facilities in Columbus, OHWelcome back to our continuing look at holiday anxiety. From juggling a full calendar to navigating extra large crowds and missing the mark for a picture perfect celebration, there are many sources of anxiety this time of year. These anxieties can be managed with some careful planning and realistic expectations. Here are more ways to cope with some common holiday season anxieties. Searching for mental health facilities in Columbus, OH? Call Legacy Freedom for quality help.

Overstimulated and Uncomfortable
Staying out late, indulging in sweets and alcohol, and neglecting your self-care routine can leave you feeling rundown and off. Feeling this way can also make you feel out of control. If staying out late or consuming alcohol is interfering with your sleep, create a plan to attend events but leave at a reasonable time. Have a friend who is at the event hold you accountable for leaving on time. Getting extra rest and skipping a few extra drinks can help you feel more in control and less anxious in the morning. Avoid overindulging in sweets or carbs during the holidays. These foods make you feel bad and they can also interfere with your digestion and make it difficult for you to get comfortable at night. Even though your schedule is busy, find time to get to the gym, take a bubble bath, or get a massage. Neglecting your self-care won't help your anxious feelings.

Battling the Holiday Blues
Whether you are far from family or you have just moved to a new city, feeling lonely during the holidays is common. Missing those you love can flood you with feelings of sadness, loneliness, and anxiety. The absence of these people in your life becomes magnified during the holiday season. Connect with co-workers who may be in the same situation and make holiday plans together. Staying connected with loved ones via video chat or text can also help make them not feel so far away. Still searching for a way to overcome the anxiety that loneliness brings? Check out charity organizations in your community that may need holiday help serving meals or handing out gifts.

Neverending To-Do List
On the other hand, if you find yourself hosting out of town family or friends for the holidays your to-do list may seem unending and overwhelming. You're being pulled in a multitude of directions and feel like it will never get done. Take a moment to slow down and make a list of what needs to be accomplished. Prioritizing tasks by must do, should do, and would be nice to do can help put things into perspective for you. Group tasks together by location to minimize trips in traffic and avoid last minute scrambling by beginning your preparations in advance.

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Holiday Mental Health Facilities in Columbus, OH

Legacy Freedom knows that your anxiety can extend long after the crowds have subsided and your friends have gone home. If you are struggling with anxiety, we can help. Our expert staff understands that anxiety feels all consuming and that it can make even the most ordinary task difficult.

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