How the Warmer Weather Affects Your Mental Health

mental health therapist in Charlotte, NCWith winter behind us and spring dancing its way in, many of us are happy to shake the winter blues and welcome back the sun. Simply walking outside and soaking up the sun's rays for a few moments can boost your mood and help you adjust your mindset. Longer days and more sunlight can help alleviate seasonal depression. For those who struggle with the bleak dark days of winter, those extra hours of daylight truly make a difference. If the blues have you down, trust Legacy Freedom to get you feeling better. Call today to speak with a qulified mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC.

However, not everyone is ready to rush out and worship the sun and embrace the warmer weather. For many, the increasing temperatures feel suffocating and give them a feeling of claustrophobia. One study found that people who have been diagnosed with bipolar conditions find the spring and summer months difficult. Seasonal changes often create imbalances for those who have any type of mental health disorder. To someone with depression, long sunny days feel even longer. Someone who struggles with a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may find themselves feeling overly depressed, anxious, or agitated. They may have difficulty sleeping and notice a significant change in appetite.

Warm weather also ramps up feelings of anxiety for many. While experts haven't fully been able to understand why the heat increases anxious feelings they have identified some possible causes.  For some people it is related to social settings, for others, it seems to be associated with heat and a type of heat-induced panic attack. Regardless of the cause, anxiety in the summer, like depression in the winter, can leave people feeling pushed out of their social circles and lonely.

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Whether the change in seasons finally makes you feel happy and energized or leaves you feeling anxious and depressed, Legacy Freedom can help. Shaking the last of those wintertime blues can be tough. You don't have to do it alone. Compassionate and confidential care from Legacy Freedom can have you feeling ready to take on the world and put a spring in your step. If the warmer weather is getting you down, let our therapy team help create a care plan just for you that will help you cope in a healthy way.

Combining traditional and alternative methods to create a holistic approach towards mental health care has helped thousands of our clients. Through traditional talk therapy, you will engage in one-on-one sessions that help you get to the root of your thoughts and feelings. Once you understand why you feel the way you do, your care team will help you create a care plant to meet your care goals as well as give you a foundation for positive coping methods.

Alternative therapy treatments are ideal for those who need to learn to be more mindful, work through traumatic experiences, or who are looking for a physical solution as part of their coping strategy. Access to a physical therapist and dietician help round out your treatment with Legacy Freedom and help you heal mind, body, and spirit.

If you have tried mental health treatment before and felt like it wasn't for you or if you are just finally ready to confront your uncomfortable feelings, Legacy Freedom of Charlotte NC is here to help. The care you need is just a call or click away. Don't let your negative feelings destroy another season of your life. Call or click today to connect with confidential and compassionate care from our mental health therapist in Charlotte, NC.

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